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    6 Books (3 Series)
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    January 2006
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    February 2011
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Full Series List in Order

The Dalraida Trilogy

1 - The White Mare (Mar-2006)
3 - Song of the North (Jan-2008)

The Dalriada Trilogy

2 - The Dawn Stag (Jan-2006)

Related Books

1 - The Swan Maiden (Feb-2009)
2 - The Raven Queen (Feb-2011)

Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • The second book in the epic Dalriada trilogy, The Dawn Stag spans three centuries and spectacularly recreates Celtic Britain at the momentous time of the Roman invasion. The year is AD 81, and Agricola, the ruthless governor of Roman Britain, is inte...

  • Vividly atmospheric and evocative of the rituals and magic of Celtic culture, The White Mare enchants readers with the gripping saga of a defiant struggle for freedom. It is 79 A.D., and the tribes of Scotland are among the last holdouts to Roman ...

  • Roman Britain, 366 AD: Minna, an eighteen-year-old Roman serving girl, leads a quiet life with her grandmother, a Celtic herbal healer. But when her beloved grandmother dies, Minna must make a difficult choice -- marry a man she loathes, or venture o...

  • Roman England, 366 AD Minna, a Roman serving girl, loses family and home and is flung out into the brutal world to fend for herself. Desperate to reach her soldier brother at the northern frontier, she falls in with Cian, a tribeless youth with no lo...

  • In this lush, romantic retelling of one of the most enduring Irish legends, acclaimed Celtic historical author Jules Watson reignites the tale of Deirdre--the Irish Helen of Troy--in a story that is at once magical, beautiful, and tragic. She was ...

  • In this dazzling retelling of one of Ireland's most stirring legends, acclaimed author Jules Watson brings to life the story of Maeve, the raven queen, who is as fierce as she is captivating. She was born to be a pawn, used to secure her father's ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jules Watson has published 6 books.

Jules Watson does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Raven Queen, was published in February 2011.

The first book by Jules Watson, The Dawn Stag, was published in January 2006.

Yes. Jules Watson has 3 series.