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    4 Books
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    September 1995
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    September 2002
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  • Aayshen Rahs had crossed the cosmos to explore an amazing blue planet and its vast seas, only to be shot down from the Mississippi night sky. Seeking refuge in an earthling's dwelling, the warrior was drawn to his beautiful captive - a strong-willed ...

  • She was a wild woman with flowing coppery tresses and luminous emerald eyes. Yet Rayne Syn was so more to Dax Vahnti: She was his assassin, The average beauty's attempt on his life had failed, but the Warlord could not let his guard down for a moment...

  • Though Lucien Charbonneau was born a noble, he'd implemented plans to bring about galactic revolution. He wore two faces, that of an effete aristocrat and that of someone darker, more mysterious. He had subtle yet potent charms, and he played at dece...

  • A DARK PACT The second son of the king, Adrik should have been an honored prince of the Median Empire. Instead, he was sacrificed at birth to his father's lust for power. He became the property of Malkaval--was raised as that great demon's own, and ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jan Zimlich has published 4 books.

Jan Zimlich does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Shadow Prince, was published in September 2002.

The first book by Jan Zimlich, Not Quite Paradise, was published in September 1995.

No. Jan Zimlich does not write books in series.