Book List in Order: 56 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Belle Knowes

1) No Roses in June (1962)
2) Beyond the Foothills (Nov-1976)
3) MacBride of Tordarroch (1984)


1) The Lark in the Meadow / Nurse Abroad (1961)
2) Not by Appointment (Aug-1976)
3) So Comes Tomorrow (1995)


1) Moon Over the Alps (1960)
2) Summer in December / Long White Cloud (Jul-1970)
3) Return to Dragonshill (Jun-1971)
4) One More River to Cross (Mar-1980)
5) Winter in July (Apr-1985)

Fairacre Valley

1) Sweet Are the Ways (May-1966)
2) My Lady of the Fuchsias (Sep-1979)


1) A Place Called Paradise (Nov-1967)
2) A Touch of Magic / Lodestar in the South (Jul-1973)
3) Anna of Strathallan (Oct-1975)
4) Adair of Starlight Peaks (Jan-1978)
5) High Country Governess (Jan-1988)
6) Caleb's Kingdom (1996)

Harvest Moon Bay

1) No Orchids by Request (Jan-1966)
2) Through All the Years (Feb-1975)
3) Design for Life (1997)
4) To Bring You Joy (May-1986)


1) Heatherleigh / New Zealand Inheritance (1957)
2) House of the Shining Tide (1963)
3) Rosalind Comes Home (Mar-1969)

Hills of Home

1) His Serene Miss Smith (Mar-1967)
2) Season of Forgetfulness (Sep-1984)


1) The Gold of Noon (Jun-1975)
2) The Lake of the Kingfisher (Feb-1979)
3) Autumn in April (Nov-1986)
4) A Mountain for Luenda (Dec-1983)
5) South Horizon Man (Jul-1995)

Misty Gorges

1) Nurse Mary's Engagement / South to Forget (Mar-1964)
2) Daughter of the Misty Gorges (Jan-1983)


1) Where No Roads Go (Dec-1963)
2) No Orchids by Request (Jan-1966)

Tawhai Hills

1) The Master of Tawhai (Apr-1965)
2) The Kindled Fire (Feb-1970)
3) The Bay of the Nightingales (Nov-1970)
4) Spring in September (Mar-1978)

Windrush Hill / MacGregor

1) No Legacy for Lindsay (Oct-1965)
2) Heir to Windrush Hill (Oct-1966)
3) The House on Gregor's Brae (Oct-1971)