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Emma Darcy
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    113 Books (10 Series)
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    December 1983
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    July 2013
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About the Author

Emma Darcy is the pseudonym created by the writing team marriage Wendy and Frank Brennan. Their life journey have taken as many twists and turns as the characters in their stories, whose international popularity have resulted in over sixty-million book sales. With more than a hundred titles, Emma Darcy appearing regularly on the Waldenbooks bestseller lists in the U.S.A. and in the Nielson BookScan Top 100 chart in the U.K.

Wendy was born 28 November 1940 in Australia. She obtained a Honours degree in Latin and initially worked as a high school English/French teacher. She married Frank Brennan, a Australian businessman borned in 1936. She changed careers to computer programming before marriage and motherhood settled her into a community life. She was reputedly the first woman computer programmer in the southern hemisphere. A voracious readers, the step to writing their own books seemed a natural progression and the challenge of creating exciting stories was soon highly addictive. They were published since 1983. In 1993, for the Emma Darcy pseudonym's 10th anniversary, they created the "Emma Darcy Award Contest" to encourage authors to finish their manuscripts. After the death of Frank Brennan in 1995, Wendy now writes the books on her own. She currently living in a beachside property on the central coast of New South Wales, she travels extensively to research settings and increase her experience of places and people.

Full Series List in Order

James Family

1 - Ride the Storm (Oct-1991)
2 - Dark Heritage (Dec-1992)
3 - The Shining of Love (Mar-1994)
4 - The Bedroom Surrender (Nov-2003)

Kings of Australia

1 - The Arranged Marriage (Jun-2002)
2 - The Bridal Bargain (Jul-2002)
3 - The Honeymoon Contract (Aug-2002)

Kings of the Outback

1 - The Cattle King's Mistress (Jun-2000)
2 - The Playboy King's Wife (Jul-2000)
3 - The Pleasure King's Bride (Aug-2000)

Legendary Finn Brothers

1 - The Incorrigible Playboy (Jan-2013)
2 - His Most Exquisite Conquest (Jul-2013)

Outback Knights

1 - The Outback Marriage Ransom (May-2004)
2 - The Outback Wedding Takeover (Jul-2004)
3 - The Outback Bridal Rescue (Nov-2004)


1 - The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage (May-2007)
2 - The Billionaire's Captive Bride (Nov-2007)


1 - A World Apart (Oct-1986)
2 - The Impossible Woman (Dec-1986)

Related 2

1 - Song of a Wren (Mar-1986)
2 - Blind Date (Apr-1988)

Related 3

1 - Woman of Honour (Mar-1987)
2 - The Wrong Mirror (Oct-1987)
3 - Mistress of Pillatoro (Sep-1988)

Who Killed...?

1 - Who Killed Angelique? (Jan-2001)
2 - Who Killed Bianca? (Jan-2002)
3 - Who Killed Camilla? (Jan-2003)

Multi-Author Series List

At His Service

The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress (Sep-2010)

The Australians

The Blind-Date Bride (Mar-2003)
1 - Outback Heat (Jul-1998)
13 - The Marriage Risk (Feb-2001)


9 - Having Leo's Child (Sep-1999)

From Here to Paternity

1 - Mischief and Marriage (Jun-1996)

In Love with Her Boss

4 - His Boardroom Mistress (Mar-2004)
10 - The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride (Oct-2006)

Italian Husbands

The Italian's Stolen Bride (Jun-2005)

Latin Lovers

17 - The Secret Baby Revenge (Jul-2006)

Man Talk

Fatherhood Fever! (Oct-1998)

Mistress To A Millionaire

5 - The Bedroom Surrender (Nov-2003)
9 - His Bought Mistress (Jan-2005)

Nanny Wanted

8 - Inherited: One Nanny (Aug-1998)

Nine to Five

32 - The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride (Oct-2006)

Pages & Privileges

Climax of Passion (Oct-1995)


The Secret Mistress (Jul-1999)
The Billionaire Bridegroom (May-2003)

The Ramirez Brides

The Ramirez Bride (Sep-2005)


The Secret Baby Revenge (Jul-2006)
The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage (May-2007)
The Billionaire's Captive Bride (Nov-2007)
Bought For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure (Jun-2008)
Ruthlessly Bedded By The Italian Billionaire (Nov-2008)


Seducing the Enemy (Sep-1997)

Surrender to the Sheikh

Traded to the Sheikh (Apr-2006)

This Time, Forever

Their Wedding Day (Nov-1996)

A Year Down Under

Heart of the Outback (Jan-1993)
No Risks, No Prizes (Jul-1993)

Book List in Order: 113 titles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Emma Darcy has published 113 books.

Emma Darcy does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, His Most Exquisite Conquest, was published in July 2013.

The first book by Emma Darcy, Twisting Shadows, was published in December 1983.

Yes. Emma Darcy has 10 series.