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    8 Books
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    August 1981
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    July 1990
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  • Though she struggled to maintain control, Andrea couldn't deny the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as his strong hands caressed her knowingly. Breck Carlson -- blond, blue-eyed, towering above her like a Ming warrior. His vigor and amb...

  • Kidnapped! On her father's orders! And now she was a prisoner on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with a tough, lean, macho cowboy as her jailer. Colby Duncan was a fighter. She'd learned every trick her tycoon father could teach her. He wasn't goi...

  • She was a fantastic secretary. But what made men think her willingness to share their work meant a willingness to share their beds? More than once Keri's mischievous green eyes, auburn hair, and sensuous body had cost her a perfectly good job. But...

  • With his startling green eyes and jet black hair, he looked like a panther. And he was rumored to be a man who loved the hunt but walked away free while his prey lay bleeding... Morgain McMichaels didn't reed to be told. One look and she knew. Wh...

  • Stare for stare, she matched him, her blue eyes an impenetrable barrier against his as he probed for her slightest weakness, then arrogantly asked, "Where did you meet my mother? Are you expecting a free ride?" Dressed in worn jeans, Raine Fisher ...

  • She was a beautiful heiress far from home who dreamed of being loved for herself alone. Arrogant and powerful, he didn't ask questions. He commanded and took her trust, love, and passion - then left her with only her cold stubborn pride. They&...

  • Daredevil and dreamer, Bree Graeme returned to her family farm between exploits to heal a few bruises and build up steam for her next adventure. But there she collided with Cane Taylor -- and the instant intimacy between these two strangers was as po...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anne N. Reisser has published 8 books.

Anne N. Reisser does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, All's Fair - Come Love, Call My Name, was published in July 1990.

The first book by Anne N. Reisser, The Face of Love, was published in August 1981.

No. Anne N. Reisser does not write books in series.