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    10 Books (1 Series)
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    August 2017
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    June 2018
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Full Series List in Order

Lairds of Dunkeld

1 - Heart of a Highlander (Aug-2017)
2 - The Highlander's Challenge (Sep-2017)
3 - The Highland Hero (Oct-2017)
4 - The Cursed Highlander (Nov-2017)
5 - The Highlander's Dilemma (Dec-2017)
6 - The Highlander's Awakening (Jan-2018)
7 - The Highland Secret Agent (Feb-2018)
8 - A Highlander's Terror (Mar-2018)
9 - Soul of a Highlander (Apr-2018)
10 - Courage of a Highlander (Jun-2018)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • Page Count: Approx 330 pages.Can the memories of the past be put aside for the sake of love?A Tormented Highlander… Duty-bound to seek revenge, Broderick MacConnaway, son of the Thane of Dunkeld, lives haunted by memories of his lost wife Aisling. ...

  • Page Count: Approx 290 pages.Can true love make a way for two lonely hearts?A Determined Highlander…Duncan MacConnoway, son of a powerful thane and used to getting his way in life, is desperate to wed the woman of his dreams. Her uncle, the wily Ea...

  • Page Count: Approx 290 pages.Will true love triumph when the darkness seems determined to ruin two broken lives?A Brave Warrior...Blaine McNeil is the master-at-arms at Lochlann, set deep in the wild and mysterious Scottish Highlands, and he must def...

  • Page Count: Approx 290 pages.Will a Scottish beauty who can see the future, predict the doom of the Highlander she loves?A Gifted LassJoanna MacConnaway’s future looks dark when her great-uncle passes, leaving Lochlann in the hands of a new leader....

  • Page Count: Approx 300 pages. A brave and intrepid Highlander... a beautiful and bold lass... and a ruthless nobleman who'll do anything to get what he wants... A Lass' Cloudy Future Leona MacConnoway is the daughter of the local gentry, a ...

  • Page Count: Approx 300 pages. A shy and innocent beauty... a handsome Highlander... and a brutal clan leader with a daughter promised to the lad in question... A Knight's New Charge... Henriette Fraser, fondly known as Ettie, finds hers...

  • Page Count: Approx 460 pages. A quick-witted, funny Highland lass... a clever Englishman with a dangerous secret... and a cold-blooded assassin hoping to end their romance before it even begins. A Handsome Man With a Terrible Secret... A ma...

  • Page Count: Approx 470 pages. A lass with the gift of Sight... a down-to-earth knight... and a ruthless and greedy duke... A Lady with A Mind of her Own Willful and beautiful Amabel Blackheath has been gifted with her family's greatest bles...

  • Page Count: Approx 450 pages. A frail and innocent beauty... a handsome and stubborn Highlander... and a calculating, underhanded man with a murderous plot... A Poisoned Mind... Gentle and sweet, Claudine Poitiers longs to be like the othe...

  • Daughter of a duke, son of a baron, and a ruthless English knight… Lady Rubina Invermore has a luxury that not many girls enjoy in the Highlands, the opportunity to marry based on love instead of negotiation. However, she feels duty-bound to cho...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Emilia Ferguson has published 10 books.

Emilia Ferguson does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Courage of a Highlander, was published in June 2018.

The first book by Emilia Ferguson, Heart of a Highlander, was published in August 2017.

Yes. Emilia Ferguson has 1 series.