A Highlander's Terror
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    Historical Romance
  • Time Period:
    Medieval (1000-1400)
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Page Count: Approx 470 pages.

A lass with the gift of Sight... a down-to-earth knight... and a ruthless and greedy duke...

A Lady with A Mind of her Own

Willful and beautiful Amabel Blackheath has been gifted with her family's greatest blessing and the curse-the gift of Sight. She can see things that sometimes she wished she didn't, but her greatest desire is to fall in love and wed. Upon finding out that her father has secretly promised her to a man she does not wish to marry, and learning of a scheming duke who'll stop at nothing to marry her and seize control of her father's holdings, Amabel knows that the time for desperate measures has arrived.

A Handsome Knight with No Delusions of Grandeur...

Sir Rufus Invermore is not a nobody-he's a knight with many things to boast about, actually-but he knows his place in polite society. When he meets the beautiful daughter of two rich and powerful families, he thinks it best to ignore the sudden longing of his heart. Better to have unfulfilled longing than disrupt an arranged marriage, he believes, as the lady must do her duty and be responsible for producing the right heir to her father's estate.

Marry for Duty... or Follow her Heart?

While at court, visions of a possible future threaten everything Amabel holds dear, especially the man to whom her heart is drawn, though he is a lowly knight and she is the daughter of a duke. If she chooses to follow her heart and dreams, she will have to face the disapproval of her family... and worse, because the blackguard who wants her father's properties will do whatever he feels necessary to wrench it from her, even if it means sullying her reputation and leaving her beaten senseless by his guards...

Will Lady Amabel get the chance to see what the future holds for her when it comes to love, or will family duty prevent her from choosing romance? Will something far worse force her hand?

Does Sir Rufus stand a chance at winning the lady's hand-or should he fade into the background, letting her marry who her father chooses instead?
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