The Highland Secret Agent
Page Count: Approx 460 pages.

A quick-witted, funny Highland lass... a clever Englishman with a dangerous secret... and a cold-blooded assassin hoping to end their romance before it even begins.

A Handsome Man With a Terrible Secret...

A man used to hiding things and sneaking around, Captain Henry Quinn may just be in over his head this time. He's on the run, hiding from a deadly assassin, and the most unexpected thing imaginable happens: he falls in love. He is now faced with an impossible decision: He can tell her everything and risk her life along with his, or he can leave her behind like she never existed... knowing that his heart will be forever shattered.

A Noblewoman Promised to Another...

Beautiful Amice MacConnoway is no stranger to dangerous turns of events, and her family seems predisposed to crazy romantic stories. So when she meets the handsome stranger, she is not shocked to discover her heart is immediately drawn to him. However, knowing that she's promised to a dull man she's known her whole life is a big problem, and she can't imagine announcing to her family that she's broken their arrangement for marriage to a foreigner.

Now They're on the Run... Together!

Henry is used to life on the run, but when the inn they're both visiting burns, he quickly finds himself running for his life with a beautiful woman by his side. To be caught would be death for them both, but to stay hidden could mean the death of another nature: her reputation would be in tatters. It would mean the end of romance for the Highland beauty, and if he can't have her, he would wish nothing but happiness and love for her future.

Now the spy has some terrible options before him, and either could mean disaster for their future. Risk it all for the sake of love? Or throw it away and live to see another day?

Should the headstrong lass allow her feelings for the handsome foreigner to cloud her judgment, and does he truly love her enough to risk separation from her family for their happiness and possible death if she's captured with him?

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