Elizabeth Mary Teresa de Guise, née Hunter in 1934 in Nairobi, Kenya. She spent much of her life in Kenya and South Africa, and studied at the Open University. Her brother Alexander wrote Western novels. After their parents' divorce, she and her sister, decided to change their surname to de Guise.

Elizabeth also wrote under the pseudonym of Isobel Chace, and under her real names: Elizabeth Hunter and Elizabeth de Guise. She was a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association.

Elizabeth passed away in 2005, at age 70.

Book List in Order: 36 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Elemental Mysteries

1) A Hidden Fire (Oct-2011)
2) This Same Earth (Dec-2011)
3) The Force of Wind (Mar-2012)
4) A Fall of Water (Jun-2012)