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    January 1956
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    October 2003
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April 12, 1908 ~ December 3, 2013 (105)
Ida Crowe was born on 12 April 1908 in Lewisham, Kent, England, the daughter of a single mother and a unknown father, that rumoured to be a Russian duke, who her mother met at a ball in Greenwich. From narrowly escaping being smothered with a pillow by the nurse who attended her birth, she traveled to Morocco alone as a teenager after suffering a mental breakdown. She began to write while still at school encouraged by her mother, and at 20, she sold her first three novels to George Newnes, where she met her future husband, Hugh Alexander Pollock, married with Enid Blyton, and divorced to Marion Atkinson. Nearly fifteen years after, he divorced, and they married on October 1943. In 1950, her husband had to declare bankruptcy, and she decided to write popular contemporary romances, and after her success, she also wrote historical romances and other type of books. She is also a recognised oil painter and makes model houses.

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • As invalid's life was not what gay, beautiful Vanessa Arden had planned for herself, and even the breathtakingly lovely Swiss mountains could not compensate for the life of inactivity that to Vanessa spelt only boredom. Her cousin Fern had her...

  • Jacqueline Vaizey certainly didn't mean to fall in love with Dominic Errol; in fact, she didn't want to fall in love at all when she revisited the lovely Spanish island of Sansegovia after the premature death of her beloved father. Her hostes...

  • Were some people not destined to be happy? Chance brought Lois Fairchild to the Quinta de Valerira, the lovely home of Dom Julyan, handsome and rich Portuguese widower. For when Julyan had been jilted shortly before his wedding, his small son lost...

  • Pat Connington told herself it didn't matter what Pierre Larouche thought of her. It was odd, then, that his very presence made her more ill at ease than she had ever been in her whole life. Working for Pierre, albeit temporarily, was a thoroughl...

  • When Judith was only partially recovered from a bout of 'flu, her friend Ann took her to convalesce at her godmother's fascinating castle on the Northumbrian coast. But her convalescence was cut short by the chilly welcome of Lady Markham'...

  • Journalist Angus Logan returns to the island of La Roque, where he grew up as part of the Courvel family. Maurice de Courvel has died under extremely mysterious circumstances. What has happened to the island since Angus’ departure is equally shocki...

  • Fifteen-year-old Lindsey Crawford spent two months at Springhill Home, a small, short-term community institution for teenage girls who suffer emotional & behavioral problems. Lindsey hated it. "The kids in here are totally dinged out," she sa...

  • Forever Friends is the story of love and friendship between a boy and his dog. Fifteen-year-old Rob tells the tale while writing the biography of his Doberman, Ally, as his final English paper. He takes the reader on a ten-year journey of their lives...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Barbara Rowan has published 9 books.

Barbara Rowan does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Forever Friends, was published in October 2003.

The first book by Barbara Rowan, Silver Fire // In Care of the Doctor, was published in January 1956.

No. Barbara Rowan does not write books in series.