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    6 Books
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    July 1992
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    November 1997
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Multi-Author Series List

Delta Justice

Finding Kendall (Nov-1997)

Women Who Dare

29 - That Old Devil Moon (Apr-1996)

Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • She was a prisoner on his boat Samantha Bradford was beginning to regret climbing aboard the Jenny II to see if she could help its captain. Sick as he had been, Marc Dureaux had set sail, and now Sam was trapped with a stranger on the open waters ...

  • Adrienne Hamilton knew Twin Oaks Country Club needed a miracle to survive - and his name was Dillon Reynolds, the gorgeous, headstrong son of the owner. Now, in addition to copings with her own teenage daughter, an irresponsible ex-husband and a matc...

  • WRONG NUMBER ...RIGHT MAN Lisa LeBlanc's sister was missing. All Lisa knew was that Dixie had been on her way to meet Gabriel Jordan, a man she'd spoken to several times but never actually seen. Gabriel Jordan had never heard of Dixie, so Lisa'...

  • One summer in New Orleans -- Madeline Johnson is determined to uncover the truth about her brother. His last words--a cry for help on Maddie's answering machine--contradict what the New Orleans police are telling her. The cops seem in a real hurry...

  • Louisiana: the enigmatic bayou, the moss-draped river trees, the ghostly city of New Orleans, a setting for devilish intrigue and dangerous love. Four talented authors who make their homes in this mysterious state conjure tales of three desperate wom...

  • He saved her life, only to discover she was working with the enemy. Ex-cop Remy Delacroix had opted out of so-called civilization to live and work in the Louisiana swamp. But his sanctuary was being invaded, and he was feeling very uncivilized wh...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anne Logan has published 6 books.

Anne Logan does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Finding Kendall, was published in November 1997.

The first book by Anne Logan, Gulf Breezes, was published in July 1992.

No. Anne Logan does not write books in series.