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    8 Books
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    February 2002
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    October 2007
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1 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
2 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
3 (ss) Romance / R 3 Buy
4 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
5 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
6 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
7 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
8 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Misty Harbor

  • Book - 1

    HOOKED ON LOVE Misty Harbor, Maine, is awash in eligible bachelors--and as the only single gal in town, newcomer Gwen Fletcher is surrounded by potential suitors. The trouble is, she's got a restaurant to renovate, and the carpenter she's hired se...

  • Book - 2

    Welcome to Misty Harbor, Maine! Life is a little different here--slower, calmer, a bit less hectic than you may be used to. But don't worry, you'll fit right in. Just pour yourself some eggnog, curl up by the fire, and settle in for a long winter's n...

  • in Let It Snow
    Book - 3

    Olivia Hamilton comes home to Misty Harbor only to sell her late grandmother's house to Ethan Wycliffe, the obnoxious boy she remembers from childhood. But Christmas memories have a funny way of holding people, and boys have a funny way of growing up...

  • Book - 4

    There's a hill in Misty Harbor, Maine, covered in blueberry bushes and, atop it sits a ramshackle blue house. It may not look like much on the outside, but the inside glows with a family's laughter and love--plus one... Take a beautiful assistant ...

  • Book - 5

    Seasons Greetings from Misty Harbor, Maine! The snowy coastal village is as pretty as a postcard, decked out for the holidays in its winter finery. It's the ideal place to celebrate a picture-perfect Christmas, as its hometown warmth melts the coldes...

  • Book - 6

    There is a fishing village on the coast of Maine steeped in the traditions of home and family. Yet Misty Harbor is always willing to give anyone with an open heart a second chance... Twenty-four year old Norah Stevens is looking to start over after...

  • Book - 7

    On the coast of Maine, a tiny fishing village is home to people of strong character -- and even stronger hearts. There is nothing Misty Harbor's residents like more than celebrating tradition, but sometimes it takes an outsider to help them embrace t...

  • Book - 8

    Nestled beside the coastal town of Misty Harbor, Maine, lies the picturesque village of Mistletoe Bay. There, overlooking the clear blue sea, is a charming old house that's the perfect place to gather for the holidays and give thanks for family, good...