Murder in Wrigley Field
  • Length:
    5 Books
  • First:
    April 1991
  • Latest:
    March 1994
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1 Amateur Sleuth / AS 3 Buy
2 Amateur Sleuth / AS 0 Buy
3 Amateur Sleuth / AS 3 Buy
4 Amateur Sleuth / AS 0 Buy
5 Amateur Sleuth / AS 3 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: A Duffy House Mystery

  • Book - 1

    MURDER COMES TO BAT Picturesque, ivy-covered Wrigley Field, the Friendly Confines, has been the beat of veteran sportswriter Duffy House for decades. But the grand old shrine of baseball is not so friendly this June day for Dean "Dream" Weaver, th...

  • Book - 2

    Called in by the Commissioner of Baseball, Duffy House--retired sports columnist and baseball aficionado--is faced with a daunting task: to find out who killed the most hated man in baseball, the owner of the New York Yankees...

  • Book - 3

    IN THIS OLD TIMERS' GAME, THE STAKES ARE LIFE AND DEATH Dodger Stadium, where the grizzled Bums of Brooklyn gave way to the tanned pretty boys of Tinseltown. Where sushi vendors ply their trade in the box seats and "seventh-inning stretch" refers ...

  • Book - 4

    THREE STRIKES, YER DEAD! Every loyal Beantown fan knows the ever-chokeable Sox have had a long, hallowed tradition of booting away championship opportunities. And now it appears as if some irate rooter has finally had enough--as two former Bosoxer...

  • Book - 5

    When a corpse is discovered among the charred remains of Detroit's Tiger Stadium, ex-sportswriter Duffy House finds clues that are rooted in extortion, the mob, and a secret affair with an ex-con outfielder. Reprint....