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    6 Books
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    September 1996
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    November 1999
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Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • The first step toward love is always the hardest... CHRISTA She never forgot the man who saved her newborn daughter -- and gave her something to live for... TRICK The Nevada cowboy still dreamed of the courageous woman who once crossed his pa...

  • Where am I? Rose's cry echoed in her mind, even as she saw a reflection -- not her own -- in the glass window. Oh God. My Molly. Older! My Molly all grown up. She could see her child, smell lavender from the clothes chest clinging to her dress, y...

  • She fell into the churning waves, only to be lifted gently out by a dark-haired youth with a knowing, otherworldly smile -- who then vanished into the mist. Somehow the young girl knew that her elusive rescuer was a powerful, legendary selkie, who ha...

  • Christopher "Kit" Gallatin was a soldier for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth -- until a betrayal in battle struck him down and pinned on his name the undeserved label of traitor. In despair, Kit's brother made a box out of Kit's sword hil...

  • A holiday collection for the millennium offering joy, hope, and romance... As they followed a star from the East, the ancient Magi of the Christmas Story carried with them a beautiful star sapphire -- blessed with the eternal power of love. Throu...

  • Kasey treasured her turquoise and shell necklace, left to her by her birth mother. From childhood, it has guided her with its magic. But now Kasey will meet the spirit behind the magic, who will send her on a dangerous quest, and into the arms of a p...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tess Farraday has published 6 books.

Tess Farraday does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Blue Rain, was published in November 1999.

The first book by Tess Farraday, Tumbleweed Heart, was published in September 1996.

No. Tess Farraday does not write books in series.