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    13 Books (3 Series)
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    May 2007
  • Latest Book:
    August 2017
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Full Series List in Order

The Malone Brothers

1 - At First Touch (Sep-2016)
2 - About That Kiss (Aug-2017)

Related Books

1 - Spirited Away (May-2007)
2 - Into Thin Air (Nov-2007)

Stupid in Love

1 - Stupid Girl (May-2014)
2 - Stupid Boy (Feb-2015)
3 - Stupid Love (Sep-2015)

Book List in Order: 13 titles

  • BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES When Tristan de Barre and his men were murdered in 1292, their souls were cursed to roam his estate for all eternity. It's been a long, dull, celibate ever after. But now Tristan's phantom heart is pounding again for the firs...

  • A twelfth-century warrior-turned-Guardian Knight, Gawan of Conwyk is about to finally become mortal. But then he finds a beautiful woman by the side of the road near Castle Grimm-she is his soulmate, and it's up to him to save her life. Ellie doe...

  • ONLY ONE WOMAN CAN SOLVE THE MEDIEVAL MYSTERY THAT KEEPS HER BELOVED WARRIOR TRAPPED IN TIME... After a year of writers block, mystery novelist Amanda Landry journeys to the Scottish Highlands to stay in a remote 14th-century tower, hoping to reawa...

  • It's hard to leave the past behind when it keeps coming back to haunt you.... Odin's Thumb Inn and Pub may be owned by brooding Highlander Gabe MacGowan, but it is actually run by a crew of ornery ghosts, who aren't eager for their home to undergo a...

  • Their love has been thwarted for centuries... Christian is a fierce Welsh Crusader who's vowed to wait for his true love, Emma -- even if it means waiting forever. Eight hundred years later, he's still walking the earth as a spirit, thanks to a mangl...

  • A festive anthology featuring three all-new stories, three sexy Scotsmen, and a magical holiday setting. An enchanting trio of paranormal Christmas stories: Dawn Halliday's Winter Heat...Lost in a blizzard, a young woman casts a spell over the ...

  • On a misty cliffside, mystery and romance await. . . . Ivy Calhoun's life has been turned upside down. Her new stepdad has uprooted Ivy and her mom, bringing them to live in an actual castle in the misty Scottish countryside. There are stone-faced...

  • A raw, beautiful, poignant story about pain, heartache and first love. I couldn't put it down. - Carly Phillips, NYT bestselling author Only fools fall in love... After her senior year of high school leaves behind nothing but heartache, Olivia ...

  • From Cindy Miles, bestselling new adult author of STUPID GIRL, comes the next installment of her addictive Stupid in Love series STUPID BOY. "Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles is everything I love about a new adult romance-- angsty, emotional and sexy. I ...

  • Bestselling new adult author Cindy Miles is set to capture the hearts of STUPID GIRL fans again with the grand finale of the Stupid in Love series, featuring Memory and Jace. MEMORY Casualties. That's how I refer to the guys who've had the bad fo...

  • Don't trust your eyes. Trust your heart… After suffering a tragic accident, Reagan Quinn has her military career cut short and her sight gone forever. Returning to her childhood home only reminds Reagan of what she's lost. No light, no color --...

  • A love worth fighting for Once a dedicated Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Nathan Malone lost more than his confidence the day he couldn't save his fiancĂ©e. He lost his faith in love. Nathan's come home to Cassabaw Station and put his life on hold. ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cindy Miles has published 13 books.

Cindy Miles does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, About That Kiss, was published in August 2017.

The first book by Cindy Miles, Spirited Away, was published in May 2007.

Yes. Cindy Miles has 3 series.