Shadows in the Flame
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    Paranormal Romance
  • Time Period:
    19th Century American West
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Where am I? Rose's cry echoed in her mind, even as she saw a reflection --- not her own --- in the glass window. Oh God. My Molly. Older! My Molly all grown up. She could see her child, smell lavender from the clothes chest clinging to her dress, yet ---? Her hand slipped right through. . .

Molly Gallagher inherited few things from her mother, Rose --- a ramshackle cottage full of felines and a touch of psychic power. But with the tiny house came Rose's spirit, which drifted silently within its walls and helped to guide young Molly's life.

Molly used her powers of vision to survive, reading palms in exchange for whatever her customers could spare. She knew what the proper ladies in town thought of her, but she didn't care. Molly was sure she'd always be a spinster --- until her blazing tresses caught the eye of a mysterious new man in town. Molly tried her best to keep the intriguing stranger at bay. But Rose was determined to see her beautiful daughter finally fall in love --- whether Molly wanted to or not!
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