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    October 2009
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    April 2023
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Multi-Author Series List

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

The Other Mr. Darcy (Oct-2009)
The Darcy Cousins (Apr-2010)
Steampunk Darcy (Sep-2013)
Mr. Darcy's Pledge (May-2014)
Mr. Darcy's Challenge (Nov-2014)
Mr. Darcy's Pride and Joy (Jun-2016)
Mysterious Mr. Darcy (Mar-2018)

Book List in Order: 12 titles

  • When Caroline Bingley collapses to the floor and sobs at Mr. Darcy's wedding, imagine her humiliation to discover that a stranger has witnessed her emotional display. Miss Bingley, understandably, resents this unknown gentleman very much, even if he ...

  • A young lady in disgrace should at least strive to behave with decorum... Dispatched from America to England under a cloud of scandal, Mr. Darcy's incorrigible American cousin, Clarissa Darcy, manages to provoke Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Colli...

  • A Pride and Prejudice Inspired Comedy Adventure

    William Darcy is obsessed with his ancestors. So much so that he intends to rebuild Pemberley (destroyed during the Uprising) stone by stone, and he wants to employ reconstruction expert Seraphe...

  • Torn between his heart and his mind… Mr. Darcy must make a choice.

    Fitzwilliam Darcy has always been able to keep his emotions under control. That is, until he falls under the spell of Elizabeth Bennet and surprises himself by blurting out a pr...

  • Darcy dreams of winning Elizabeth Bennet's hand and he has a strategy worked out. But when a chance encounter prompts Darcy to propose to Elizabeth before he has rescued Lydia, his plans go horribly awry. Broken hearted, disillusioned and bitterly re...

  • Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are engaged at last, and Mr. Darcy is preparing to take out a special licence to get married quickly. But, just when everything seems to be going just right, he encounters opposition from an unexpected quarter. Then, wh...

  • The events of this Pride and Prejudice 'what-if' occur three years later than the original, but before the Netherfield Ball. Mr. Darcy receives a visit at his isolated manor in Cornwall. It is Charles Bingley, and he is there to ask for a favor... H...

  • In this Pride & Prejudice variation, Elizabeth and Darcy have a second chance to get things right. Will they be able to come together this time, or will pride intervene yet again?Seven years after Darcy's disastrous proposal, Darcy is in need, not of...

  • A sparkling tale of Regency England, manners, and magical happenings. A young lady in possession of magic is required to marry well, particularly when her services are needed to defeat Napoleon. Yet when a carriage arrives at Elizabeth Bennet's quiet...

  • Elizabeth has a secret. If Darcy discovers it, will it spell the end of their fledgling romance?When Mrs. Bennet falls ill after the Netherfield Ball, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley postpone their trip to London to offer their assistance. But things are n...

  • In a magical Regency England, two powerful magicians strive to find a balance between love and duty as they confront enemies who might well be their closest friends.Elizabeth Bennet may be a heroine, but by defying some of the most powerful mages in ...

  • When Fitzwilliam Darcy makes a complete mess of his proposal at Rosings Park by writing a letter, there is more at stake than his hurt pride. The letter starts off a chain of events that have an immediate impact on the people around him, including El...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Monica Fairview has published 12 books.

Monica Fairview does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Allow Me to Tell You, was published in April 2023.

The first book by Monica Fairview, The Other Mr. Darcy, was published in October 2009.

No. Monica Fairview does not write books in series.