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    26 Books (6 Series)
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    October 2013
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    June 2016
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Full Series List in Order

Alpha Werebear

1 - Shared by the Bear Clan (Dec-2015)
2 - Torn (Dec-2015)
3 - Ravaged (Jan-2016)
4 - Mated (Feb-2016)

Alpha's Kiss

1 - Change For Me (Oct-2013)
2 - Shift into Me (Feb-2014)
3 - Howl For Me (Feb-2014)

Broken Pine Bears

1 - Two Bears are Better Than One (Sep-2014)
2 - Between a Bear and a Hard Place (Jan-2015)

Jamesburg Shifters

1 - To Catch a Wolf (Jan-2014)
2 - Bearing It All (Mar-2014)
3 - Bear With Me (May-2014)
4 - Bearly Breathing (Jun-2014)
5 - Bear Me Away (Jul-2014)
6 - Bearly Hanging On (Nov-2014)
7 - Bear Your Teeth (Feb-2015)
9 - Wolf on the Road (Jun-2016)

Kendal Creek Bears

1 - Can't Bear to Run (Jun-2015)
2 - Can't Bear to Hide (Jul-2015)

Mating Call Dating Agency

1 - Hare Today Bear Tomorrow (Aug-2015)
2 - The Fox and Her Bear (Sep-2015)
3 - Bear the Heat (Oct-2015)
4 - Bear Arms (Nov-2015)

Book List in Order: 26 titles

  • Sometimes a wolf’s gotta fight and growl and bite. But Erik? He just needs a mate.Erik Danniken is the alpha of Jamesburg, a small town hidden from the world and full of shifters of all stripes. But underneath it all, he’s just a muscled-up, roug...

  • From USA Today best-selling author Anya Karin writing as Lynn Red comes:A tense, steamy, seductive werewolf romance that asks - can love, duty and family REALLY come as a package deal?Life is moving fast for Lily, but for once, it’s going in the ri...

  • For years, budding journalist and recent high school graduate Lily Kyle wanted to spread her wings. Lily’s corner of the world, small desert town Fort Branch, feels more like a prison than a home. For all its faults, Fort Branch is all she’s real...

  • From USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author Lynn Red comes a steamy, seductive, hilarious and delicious alpha werebear romance.Curvy, witty, carrot-topped Violet Larue is a fox shifter with a goal " she NEEDS to find herself a mate before...

  • From USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Lynn Red comes a steamy, seductive, sensuously heart-felt alpha werebear romance! Curvy, sharp-witted and slightly self-conscious, Lilah Jorgenson is a raccoon-shifting painter with a white streak ...

  • Clea Kellen is the owner of Jamesburg's most popular daycare. And on top of that, she’s a lithe, witty, pointy-eared lynx shifter whose biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away.She's part-time mama to a gaggle of bouncing shifter babies... but a ...

  • It’s hard to say that Elena St. Claire " an arctic fox-shifting, private investigator " is “down on her luck.” She’s got stable work, a couple of close friends... but when it comes to finding a mate? All she knows is that if she DOESN’T...

  • From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY best-selling author Lynn Red comes a steamy, sensual, seductively hilarious shifter romance!Jamie Ampton is a sharp-tongued, pointy-toothed, vampy shifter with a penchant for neatly done-up hair buns and a habit of a...

  • Cassiopeia is lanky, quick-witted, and spent most of her life running from one thing or another. She escaped an overbearing family, and a series of dangerous misadventures, but then landed square in the midst of a traveling carnival. In the gritty, g...

  • Paprika Lewis is a copper-haired, curvy-and-petite, rabbit shifting smart ass with two BIG problems. First of all, she’s got a pair of buckteeth the size of Kansas that pop out every time she has a dirty thought. She might not win any marathons, bu...

  • “His voice, Dilly, it was... growly. Like real growly. It got me tingling.”Life for curvy, witty, just-fine-by-herself-thank-you-very-much Delilah Coltrane has fallen into a slightly boring, but comfortable routine. She runs stadium stairs, she d...

  • Since joining the harem, Helena has been surrounded with luxury and extravagance. But, she’s not sure of much anything " herself included. What does it mean to be a harem girl? Are her dreams as she knew them over? And how in the hell is she supp...

  • Raine Matthews used to be quirky, fun and slightly goofy. She’s not allowed to be any of those things while she is firmly under her husband’s thumb. Her only reprieve comes from distant memories of a man she saw only once six years ago. In that i...

  • For a regular girl to be the sheriff of a town full of werebears, she needs spunk, grit, and the ability to deal with rowdy drunks eight times her size. In the three years since Raine Matthews escaped an abusive relationship by clocking her husband w...

  • When you’re a shifter who don’t have the first clue where to find the love you need, WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Mating Call Dating Agency! Fate is nice and all, but in the busy worlds of journalism and professional wrestling, sometimes a rabbit needs a...

  • Sometimes the only thing a girl needs is a throbbing, thumping motorcycle clenched between her knees. Other times, she’d prefer a gentleman in the same place. Or, what the hell, who says he needs to be a gentleman? Mali Alexandra has the first part...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lynn Red has published 26 books.

Lynn Red does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Wolf on the Road, was published in June 2016.

The first book by Lynn Red, Change For Me, was published in October 2013.

Yes. Lynn Red has 6 series.