Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • in Cupid's Arrow

    It's the moment that catches your breath and sends your world reeling; when you know your life will never be the same. It's the moment when you fall passionately, hopelessly in love. Experience that breathtaking feeling with these unforgettable Valen...

  • When You Can't Run Anymore... After ten years of living in fear of a stalker who nearly destroyed her, Julia Smalls is ready to start over. She leaves her hometown in New Jersey for Chicago to work as a freelance consultant. But just when she believ...

  • AFTER A LIFETIME OF PASSIONATE SACRIFICE... Childhood friends Sara Turner and Geoffrey McMillan made a promise to marry each other one day. It was a romantic pledge that would become a reality. Sara's compassionate efforts to help needy kids and Geo...

  • SWEET SURRENDER When Cindy Stewart met World Heavyweight champion Turk Johnson on an exotic Caribbean island, she fell--heart-first--beneath his sensual spell. The pain and yearning came later, when Cindy realized that she'd just been a romantic fli...

Multi-Author Series List


Sweet Promise (Dec-1994)
Home Fires (Feb-1996)
Something So Right (Mar-1997)
Silver Love (Mar-1998)
Secret Passion (Oct-1999)
Maleka and the Sheik (Feb-2000)