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    December 2010
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    February 2011
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  • The unforgettable story of a young girl born into poverty and raised in riches.In a small village in the West Country a baby girl is born, the fifth child of an impoverished labourer. For little Blanche the future appears bleak. Then one fateful day ...

  • Growing up in a small Wiltshire village, Abbie Morris knows what lies ahead of her - a life of drudgery as a menial servant, like that of her sisters. But everything changes when Abbie is twelve and their emotional, spirited mother casts them into a ...

  • When Grace Harper is orphaned, her world falls apart. Life has always been hard, and now she and her little brother Billy are left homeless and alone. But Grace must put her grief and fear aside, and think practically. Accepting a job as companion to...

  • One woman's struggle against great odds, with a heart tragically divided. Having spent her childhood with a cold, unfeeling stepmother, Lily Clair's life is changed for ever when she is sent as general maid to old friends of her family. Soon into t...

  • Faced with a future that holds little promise, Lydia Halley longs to leave home. But it is only after her mother's tragic death that she finally seizes her chance of freedom - a freedom she has yearned for all her life. Taking up lodgings in the bust...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jess Foley has published 5 books.

Jess Foley does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Wait For The Dawn, was published in February 2011.

The first book by Jess Foley, Saddle The Wind, was published in December 2010.

No. Jess Foley does not write books in series.