Book List in Order: 44 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Agent Nadine Finch

1) A Killer's Daughter (Feb-2021)
2) The Hunted Girls (May-2021)

Apache Protectors

1) Shadow Wolf (Dec-2015)
2) Hunter Moon (Jan-2016)
3) Tribal Law (May-2016)
4) Native Born (Jun-2016)
5) Turquoise Guardian (Jan-2017)
6) Eagle Warrior (Feb-2017)
7) Firewolf (Apr-2017)
8) The Warrior's Way (Jun-2017)
9) Surrogate Escape (Mar-2018)
10) Tribal Blood (Apr-2018)
11) Undercover Scout (May-2018)
12) Black Rock Guardian (Jun-2018)

Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder

1) Turquoise Guardian (Jan-2017)
2) Eagle Warrior (Feb-2017)
3) Firewolf (Apr-2017)
4) The Warrior's Way (Jun-2017)

Apache Protectors: Wolf Den

1) Surrogate Escape (Mar-2018)
2) Tribal Blood (Apr-2018)
3) Undercover Scout (May-2018)
4) Black Rock Guardian (Jun-2018)

In Want of a Wife...

Gold Rush Groom (Sep-2011)

Protectors at Heart

1) Defensive Action (Jul-2019)
2) Adirondack Attack (Aug-2019)
3) Warning Shot (Nov-2019)
4) Dangerous Conditions (Dec-2019)

The Trackers

1) Dream Stalker (Dec-2009)
2) Ghost Stalker (May-2011)
3) Soul Whisperer (Dec-2011)
4) Beauty's Beast (Apr-2013)

Winter Wild West Weddings

1) A Western Winter Wonderland: Fallen Angel (Oct-2007)
2) Wed Under Western Skies: His Brother's Bride (May-2006)
3) Western Winter Wedding Bells: The Sheriff's Housekeeper Bride (Oct-2010)