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    8 Books
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    February 1984
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    June 2016
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  • ENEMIES SOMETIMES WORK ALONG PARALLEL LINES... Someone had turned traitor. All the evidence pointed that way. He had to be found. Agent Richard Harper knew there were only two suspects: himself and Birch, the man he had trained. The man he had shape...

  • Shattered by their experiences in Vietnam, two friends, Neuman and Morgan, attempt to come to terms with themselves, their relationship with each other, and their feelings about the war and struggle to put their lives back together...

  • After a young state attorney discovers a ten-year-old girl's body in a garbage can, he avenges her death in an investigation that moves from Chicago's lake-front glitter to the seamy world of child pornography...

  • Until the bubble burst, George Bailey never gave much thought to why his grandfather seemed so happy.But then George’s wealth vanished, rocking his self-confidence, threatening his family’s security and making his adolescent son’s diffi...

  • A large credit reporting company sees the era of Big Data coming. Its CEO dreams of knowing so much about the people it tracks that it will be able to predict what they will do. With the data, he believes, the company will know people better than the...

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    When Charles Quinlan, an academic obsessed with jazz, starts exploring the life and death of Jackson Payne, a fictional tenor-sax player, he can't imagine where his research will lead. Told in a series of dazzling riffs by everyone from Payne's lover...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jack Fuller has published 8 books.

Jack Fuller does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, One from Without, was published in June 2016.

The first book by Jack Fuller, Convergence, was published in February 1984.

No. Jack Fuller does not write books in series.