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    7 Books
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    March 1985
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    February 2012
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  • Two thousand years ago the Roman poet Virgil related the adventures of a hero called Aeneas. He was a man who escaped from the burning ruins of Troy and, 'driven by Fate', led his people to a new home in a distant land.

    The story of Aeneas a...

  • A love story about a man and woman over forty who fall in love at first sight, want to sleep together but inhibitions, family obligations, morality stop them. The question of "Will they or won't they get together?" keeps us turning the pages....

  • Karen is in the midst of a bitter divorce after 35 years of marriage and four children. Feeling like an utter failure, she goes back to school to become a lawyer. The rueful funny handbook she writes on how to survive growing old, speaks to all of us...

  • Cordelia was born on the first day of the new century and she inherits her mother's dreams of becoming a star. She marries an impotent son of a wealthy railroad magnate, has twins, strives to become "Somebody"--in silent movies, television, politics....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Emily Frankel has published 7 books.

Emily Frankel does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Somebody, was published in February 2012.

The first book by Emily Frankel, The Splintered Heart, was published in March 1985.

No. Emily Frankel does not write books in series.