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    9 Books - 1 Series
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    August 2004
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    October 2012
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About the Author

Duncan Falconer is the pseudonym of a former member of Britain’s elite Special Boat Service and 14 Int., Northern Irelands top secret SAS undercover detachment. His first book, the bestseller 'First Into Action', documented the real-life exploits of the SBS.
After more than a decade of operational service he left the SBS and went into the private security circuit. In the last few years Falconer has operated at length and often alone in places such as Afghanistan, the Nigerian Delta, and Palestine, Liberia and throughout Iraq, sometimes writing his novels while bullets shower the compound he is staying in.

Full Series List in Order

John Stratton

1 - The Hostage (Mar-2005)
2 - The Hijack (Aug-2004)
3 - The Operative (Oct-2006)
4 - Undersea Prison (Jan-2008)
5 - The Mercenary (Jun-2009)
6 - Traitor (Jul-2010)
7 - Pirate (Sep-2011)
8 - Assassin (Oct-2012)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • Palestinian freedom fighter Abed Abu Omar and 20 men are preparing for their most daring mission yet: the hijack of a five-story supertanker laden with oil. Meanwhile, SBS operative Stratton has been assigned to bodyguard work and is bored by the lac...

  • When an undercover operation monitoring the Real IRA goes horrifically wrong, British Intelligence turns to the one man who can get their agent out: Stratton, an SBS operative with a lethal reputation. It’s a dangerous race against time—if the Rea...

  • In war-torn Iraq, Stratton’s closest friend is killed whilst on operation, leaving behind a grieving wife and child. When the widow moves to Los Angeles she is brutally murdered and her child placed in state custody. Stratton, rocked to his foundat...

  • After the British military lose an officer to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, a desperate race begins to find his killers. Little do the assailants know that the precious information they have stolen could bring down the entire network of Western ...

  • Three men—an Iraqi, a former coalition soldier, and a journalist—drive together from Baghdad towards Fallujah as the U. S. Marines encircle the city to take it apart. The men are supposedly on a single mission to seek a recent kidnap victim, bu...

  • As a favor to a CIA officer, SBS operative Stratton carries out what appears to be an inconsequential task in Central America. But Stratton’s actions push him into the midst of a national rebellion, and against his own principles he becomes emotion...

  • After a surveillance mission in Sevastopol goes badly wrong, Stratton finds himself doing penance at MI16, the government's clandestine organisation that creates weapons equipment for special forces and the secret service. But Sevastopol has started ...

  • Another explosive adventure featuring invincible SBS operative John Stratton, who discovers the dark truth behind a rash of pirate hijackings A mysterious "attack rehearsal" in Columbia by Islamic terrorists results in Stratton being sent on a kidna...

  • Another explosive case for special forces operative John Stratton After a CIA-sponsored op in the Middle East's Khorasan Valley, operative John Stratton is looking forward to a holiday, until old friend and ex-SBS commander Berry Chandos calls him...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Duncan Falconer has published 9 books.

Duncan Falconer does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Assassin, was published in October 2012.

The first book by Duncan Falconer, The Hijack, was published in August 2004.

Yes. Duncan Falconer has 1 series.