Book List in Order: 158 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Ballistic Cowboys

1) Hot Combat (Feb-2017)
2) Hot Target (Mar-2017)
3) Hot Zone (Jun-2017)
4) Hot Velocity (Jul-2017)

Billionaire Online Dating Service

1) Billionaire Husband Test (Dec-2012)
2) The Billionaire Cinderella Test (Mar-2015)
3) The Billionaire Bride Test (Sep-2019)
4) The Billionaire Daddy Test (Dec-2019)
5) The Billionaire Matchmaker Test (Mar-2020)
6) The Billionaire Glitch Date (Jun-2020)

The Brotherhood Protectors

1) Montana Seal (Nov-2015)
2) Bride Protector SEAL (Feb-2016)
3) Montana D-Force (May-2016)
4) Cowboy D-Force (Jul-2016)
5) Montana Ranger (Feb-2017)
6) Montana Dog Soldier (May-2017)
7) Montana SEAL Daddy (Aug-2017)
8) Montana Ranger's Wedding Vow (Mar-2018)
9) Montana SEAL Undercover Daddy (May-2018)
10) Cape Cod SEAL Rescue (Jul-2018)
11) Montana SEAL Friendly Fire (Aug-2018)
12) Montana SEAL's Mail-Order Bride (Feb-2019)
13) SEAL Justice (Oct-2019)
14) Ranger Creed (Jan-2020)
15) Delta Force Rescue (Jul-2020)
16) Dog Days of Christmas (Dec-2020)
17) Montana Rescue (Nov-2017)
18) Montana Ranger Returns (Nov-2021)
Hot SEAL, Bachelor Party (Apr-2020)

Brotherhood Protectors BDRR Unit

1) Montana SEAL's Bride (Feb-2019)

Brotherhood Protectors: Colorado

1) SEAL Salvation (Feb-2021)
2) Rocky Mountain Rescue (Mar-2021)
3) Ranger Redemption (May-2021)
4) Tactical Takeover (Aug-2021)
5) Colorado Conspiracy (Nov-2021)
6) Rocky Mountain Madness (Jan-2022)
7) Free Fall (May-2022)
8) Colorado Cold Case (Jul-2022)

Brotherhood Protectors: Yellowstone

1) Saving Kyla (Feb-2022)
2) Saving Chelsea (May-2022)
3) Saving Amanda (Aug-2022)

Cajun Magic

1) Voodoo on the Bayou (Feb-2013)
2) Voodoo for Two (May-2013)
3) Deja Voodoo (Jun-2013)

Covert Cowboys, Inc.

1) Triggered (Jul-2013)
2) Taking Aim (Aug-2013)
3) Bodyguard Under Fire (Sep-2013)
4) Cowboy Resurrected (Oct-2013)
5) Navy SEAL Justice (May-2015)
6) Navy SEAL Newlywed (Jun-2015)
7) High Country Hideout (Oct-2015)
8) Clandestine Christmas (Nov-2015)

Declan's Defenders

1) Marine Force Recon (Apr-2019)
2) Show of Force (May-2019)
3) Full Force (Sep-2019)
4) Driving Force (Oct-2019)
5) Tactical Force (Jan-2020)
6) Disruptive Force (Feb-2020)

Delta Force Strong

1) Breaking Silence (Aug-2020)
2) Breaking Rules (Oct-2020)
3) Breaking Away (Nov-2020)
4) Breaking Free (Mar-2021)
5) Breaking Hearts (May-2021)
6) Breaking Ties (Aug-2021)
7) Breaking Point (Sep-2021)
8) Breaking Dawn (Jan-2022)
9) Breaking Promises (Apr-2022)

Devil's Shroud

1) Deadly Reckoning (Mar-2012)
2) Deadly Engagement (Jan-2014)
3) Deadly Liaisons (Apr-2014)
4) Deadly Allure (Aug-2014)
5) Deadly Obsession (May-2016)
6) Deadly Fall (Jan-2017)

Hearts & Heroes

1) Wyatt's War (May-2017)
2) Mack's Witness (Jul-2017)
3) Ronin's Return (Oct-2017)
4) Sam's Surrender (Jan-2018)

Hellfire, Texas

1) Hellfire, Texas (Sep-2015)
2) Justice Burning (Jun-2016)
3) Smoldering Desire (Nov-2018)
4) Hellfire in High Heels (Dec-2018)
5) Playing With Fire (Jan-2019)
6) Up in Flames (Mar-2019)
7) Total Meltdown (Jun-2019)

Iron Horse Legacy

1) Soldier's Duty (Apr-2019)
2) Ranger's Baby (Aug-2019)
3) Marine's Promise (Nov-2019)
4) SEAL's Vow (Feb-2020)
5) Warrior's Resolve (Jun-2020)
6) Drake (Jul-2022)

Mission: Six

1) One Intrepid SEAL (May-2018)
2) Two Dauntless Hearts (Jun-2018)
3) Three Courageous Words (Aug-2018)
4) Four Relentless Days (Sep-2018)
5) Five Ways To Surrender (Dec-2018)
6) Six Minutes to Midnight (Jan-2019)


1) Homicide at Whiskey Gulch (Jan-2021)
2) Hideout at Whiskey Gulch (Feb-2021)
3) Held Hostage at Whiskey Gulch (Mar-2022)
4) Setup at Whiskey Gulch (Apr-2022)
5) Missing Witness at Whiskey Gulch (Aug-2022)
6) Cowboy Justice at Whiskey Gulch (Oct-2022)

SEAL of My Own

1) Navy Seal Survival (Mar-2016)
2) Navy Seal Captive (Apr-2016)
3) Navy SEAL to Die for (Oct-2016)
4) Navy SEAL Six Pack (Nov-2016)

Take No Prisoners

1) SEAL's Honor (Feb-2014)
2) SEAL's Desire (Apr-2014)
3) SEAL's Embrace (Jun-2014)
4) SEAL's Obsession (Oct-2014)
5) SEAL's Proposal (Nov-2014)
6) SEAL's Seduction (Apr-2015)
7) SEAL's Defiance (Sep-2015)
8) SEAL's Deception (Jul-2016)
9) SEAL's Deliverance (Nov-2016)
10) SEAL's Ultimate Challenge (Jul-2018)

Thunder Horse

1) Hostage to Thunder Horse (Nov-2010)
2) Thunder Horse Heritage (Jun-2012)
3) Thunder Horse Redemption (Oct-2012)
4) Christmas at Thunder Horse Ranch (Oct-2014)

Ugly Stick Saloon

1) Boots & Chaps (Apr-2017)

Multi-Author Series List

The Adair Affairs

4) Heir to Murder (May-2015)

The Adair Legacy

4) Secret Service Rescue (Jul-2014)

Bodyguard of the Month

3) Killer Body (Mar-2010)

Bodyguards Unlimited

Cowboy Sanctuary (May-2007)

The Coltons

51) Protecting the Colton Bride (Sep-2015)

The Coltons of Oklahoma

4) Protecting the Colton Bride (Sep-2015)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

Thunder Horse Heritage (Jun-2012)

The Curse of Ravens Cliff

4) Under Suspicion, With Child (Aug-2008)

Daddy Corps

Cowboy Brigade (Jun-2011)

Diamonds & Daddies

Baby Bling (Apr-2009)


Beneath The Texas Moon (Mar-2006)

Kenner County Crime Unit

An Unexpected Clue (Sep-2009)

SEALs in Paradise

Hot SEAL, Salty Dog (Aug-2018)
Hot SEAL, Hawaiian Nights (May-2019)
Hot SEAL, Bachelor Party (Apr-2020)
Hot SEAL, Independence Day (Jun-2021)

Situation: Christmas

2) Engaged With the Boss (Oct-2011)

Sleeper SEALS

6) Montana Rescue (Nov-2017)

Special Forces: Operation Alpha

Cowboy D-Force (Jul-2016)
Ivy's Delta (Sep-2020)

Time Raiders

5) The Whisper (Apr-2011)

Ultimate Heroes

Operation XOXO (Nov-2009)
Killer Body (Mar-2010)