Deborah Cox

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    General Fiction


    Wife Material tells a story of religious abuse and sexual repression in the modern Church of Christ denomination, an American sect that forbids women speaking in services. Elizabeth Campbell's parents are violinists. Her father seems gay. Their chu...

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    Romantic Suspense


    He shouldn't have gotten involved. She had trouble written all over her, but when a beautiful runaway bride hijacks his single engine plane, Nick Harrison knows there's no turning back. Selena Arriaga's desperate act has put him in the crosshairs of ...

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    Historical Romance


    MAIL-ORDER BRIDE Caroline Marshall had taken a terrible chance in marrying a stranger by proxy. Of course, Jason Sinclair wasn't really a stranger--hadn't she fallen in love with him through his touching letters? But here, on a remote coffee plant...

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    Historical Romance


    Covering up her life as a riverboat gambler's daughter, Anne Cameron is rescued from a band of gunfighters by handsome stranger Rafe Montalvo, a renowned vigilante who wants Anne to help him get revenge against a sworn enemy....

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