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Book Descriptions for series: Xavier's Hatchlings

  • Book - 1

    Xavier's HatchlingsFinnTheodoreMiloGeorgeDoverHadleyFinn Manning had so much on his plate, he wasn't sure which end was up. He'd been there six months, and the pile of work on his desk hadn't diminished by one sheet of paper. None of the construction...

  • Book - 2

    Xavier's HatchlingsFinnTheodoreMiloGeorgeDoverHadleyPembroke Black had always had a lot on her plate. As a child, she could not tolerate her father, and Pem had moved in with her grandparents when her mother died. When she was old enough to move out,...

  • Book - 3

    Xavier's Hatchlings1.      Finn2.      Theodore3.      Milo4.      George5.    &#x...