Casting The First Stone
  • Length:
    15 Books
  • First:
    January 2000
  • Latest:
    August 2018
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1 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
2 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
3 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
4 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
5 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
6 General Fiction / GF 4 Buy
7 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
8 General Fiction / GF 4 Buy
9 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy

10 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
11 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
12 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
13 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
14 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
15 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Reverend Curtis Black

  • Book - 1

    Tanya Black has everything a woman could want: a fulfilling career, a beautiful daughter, an elegant home, and a handsome, charismatic husband who is pastor at a prominent Baptist church. And yet, none of it can hide the growing turbulence in her mar...

  • Book - 2

    Less-than-pious preacher Curtis Black's philandering ways have already cost him one wife and a congregation. By now he should know better. But his attempts to resist temptation have been shockingly short-lived. Unfortunately for his trusting new floc...

  • Book - 3

    A rascally preacher with a past, Reverend Curtis Black is starting over. He has a new job: founder and minister of Deliverance Outreach. He has a new wife (his third): Charlotte, mother of his seven-year-old son, Matthew. And he has a newfound wil...

  • Book - 4

    Truth and lies . . . At long last, the Reverend Curtis Black appears to be living the straight life. The all-too-human preacher is a bestselling author now, and he and his wife, Charlotte, are raising two adorable children. But the ever-suspiciou...

  • Book - 5

    A man who once thrived on wickedness and counted on forgiveness, Curtis Black has changed his ways. Back in the heart of his congregation and his family, he will no longer stray from the beaten path. Or so he's promised his long-suffering wife, Charl...

  • Book - 6

    The world-renowned Reverend Curtis Black's daughter, Alicia, is all grown up and even more trouble than her father. The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree in this new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Sin No More and Lov...

  • Book - 7

    Her first marriage didn't work out, but that isn't going to stop Alicia Black, the privileged daughter of the charismatic Reverend Curtis Black, from getting what she wants. One month after her wedding to her second husband, she can't believe her goo...

  • Book - 8

    The Reverend Curtis Black's wife, Charlotte, is angry. Her life has been turned upside down and someone has to pay. The sinful past of the infamous Reverend Curtis Black is certainly no secret, as his wife, Charlotte, is well aware. But now Curtis's...

  • Book - 9

    It's been months since Reverend Curtis learned that his wife Charlotte had affairs with two different men, and for now, he continues to be cordial and respectful to her. But he's also made it clear that once their son Matthew graduates high school, h...

  • Book - 10

    Life is close to perfect for the Reverend Curtis Black and his wife, Charlotte--except their son Matthew and his girlfriend, Racquel, are about to become parents at the tender age of eighteen. Even though Curtis and Charlotte wish Matthew could focus...

  • Book - 11

    The Reverend Curtis Black hasn't spoken to his son, Matthew, in over a year-not since Matthew dropped out of Harvard to marry his girlfriend, Racquel, and be a full-time father to their infant son. Curtis knows that it was he and his wife, Charlotte,...

  • Book - 12

    WHEN A WOMAN STRUGGLES TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MR. RIGHT AND THE MUCH LESS HONORABLE MAN WHO HOLDS HER HEART, IT COULD LEAD TO ...THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL It's been four years since twenty-eight-year old Alicia Black, daughter of Reverend Curtis Black, div...

  • Book - 13

    Dillon hadn't been called by anyone. He'd called himself and he wasn't ashamed of it. But no good can come from . . . A SINFUL CALLING Two years ago, to everyone's surprise, Dillon Whitfield Black, the secret son of Reverend Curtis Black, boldl...

  • Book - 14

    After her very public divorce from Dillon, Raven Black is recovering nicely. Dillon has done everything he can to discredit her, but Raven has learned from her mistakes and him. In fact, she's intent on using every bit of Dillon's revenge and betraya...

  • Book - 15

    In this stunning conclusion to the bestselling Reverend Curtis Black series, Curtis's secret past returns in an unwelcome--but ultimately healing--visit. Rev. Curtis Black is no stranger to scandal. Throughout the decades, he has done much in the ...


Casting The First Stone
2001 Blackboard Book of the Year Award -- Fiction