Series List in Order

Order Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 LI-869 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
2 LI-904 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
3 LI-935 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
4 LI-1013 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
5 LI-1042 Contemporary Romance / CR 5 Buy
6 LI-1073 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Goose Harbor

  • Book - 1

    Learning To Loveā€¦Again Idyllic Goose Harbor, Michigan, offers a fresh start for broken-hearted Paige Windom. In addition to securing a teaching job at the high school, she'll fulfill her dream of helping at-risk teens in a nearby inner-city men...

  • Book - 2

    Rekindling Her Life After the fire that injured her and burned down Goose Harbor's only church fourteen years ago, Shelby Beck is planning to rebuild--the structure and her life. But her wounds have always caused her to keep men at a distance. Wh...

  • Book - 3

    Love Comes Home All Maggie West has ever wanted is a family to call her own. But her new neighbor, single dad Kellen Ashby, is definitely not the man to make that dream come true. His daughters are sweet and silly, the kind of kids Maggie used to...

  • Book - 4

    Her Small-Town Guy Goose Harbor, Michigan, is the perfect place for Kendall Mayes to start over and open her date-planning business. When she encounters handsome loner Brice Daniels, who is struggling to keep the shipping business he runs going, ...

  • Book - 5

    Hometown Reunion When Toby Holcomb becomes guardian to his cousin's daughter, he goes from hard-living bachelor to father without a clue. One thing he can do is give Kasey a stable home. Returning to Goose Harbor, he takes a job at his childhood ...

  • Book - 6

    Small-Town Reunion Claire Atwood is about to make all her dreams come true. With her newly adopted son, Claire's back in Goose Harbor, running for mayor and going toe-to-toe with Evan Daniels -- the man who left her at the altar twelve years ago....