The Dwarves
  • Length:
    6 Books
  • First:
    July 2009
  • Latest:
    August 2019
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1 Epic Fantasy / EF 5 Buy
2 Epic Fantasy / EF 5 Buy
3 Epic Fantasy / EF 5 Buy
4 Epic Fantasy / EF 4.5 Buy
5 Fantasy / F 5 Buy
6 Fantasy / F 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Dwarves

  • Book - 1

    For countless millennia, the dwarves of the FifthlingKingdom have defended the stone gateway into Girdlegard. Many and varied foes have hurled themselves against the portal and died attempting to breach it. No man or beast has ever succeeded. Until n...

  • Book - 2

    The dwarves have gone to battle and they have been victorious. But outside the realm, dark forces are at work.. . A secret army of Orcs, made immortal by the hidden powers of the Black Water, now marches towards Girdlegard, set to unleash its fury...

  • Book - 3

    Though hailed a hero by his people, the course of life has not run smooth for the battle-weary Tungdil the dwarf. But there is no rest for this warrior yet - as he must now find the strength to face the most formidable enemy the kingdom has ever enco...

  • Book - 4

    There has been no word from the courageous warrior Tungdil since the bitter struggle that took place at the Black Abyss. Dragons, magicians, and the cruel älfar have advanced far into the kingdom Girdlegard, ruthlessly seizing vast areas of land. It...

  • Book - 5

    The Dwarves are back!International bestselling fantasy author Markus Heitz returns to his best-loved series.After decades of occupation by the älfar, the dark elves have been defeated and peace has finally been declared.But the nations still dis...

  • Book - 6

    International bestselling fantasy author Markus Heitz returns with this thrilling sequel to The Triumph of the Dwarves. The Hidden Land lies broken. In the terrible battle to save the home of the dwarfs, elves and humans, many sacrifices were made...