Portrait of a Bride
  • Length:
    2 Books
  • First:
    January 2005
  • Latest:
    April 2006
  • Rating:

Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Paranormal Romance / PNR 3 Buy
2 Paranormal Romance / PNR 2.5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Blackfell

  • Book - 1

    What if there were no daughters, no women, no wives? What if an artist could capture the femininity, the sensuality, the very spirit of his subjects? An artist so skilled and dedicated that he could paint the sweet curve of a cheek, the fire in a fla...

  • Book - 2

    The Portrait In a world where only the wealthiest man has the price of a bride, Rourke of Calandor holds no hope of knowing a wife's gentle touch, or having a helpmate of his own. A rebel against the established order, he will do anything to bring d...