Double Deception
  • Length:
    8 Books
  • First:
    October 2001
  • Latest:
    August 2010
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Series List in Order

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1 Mystery / M 0 Buy
2 Mystery / M 0 Buy
3 Mystery / M 0 Buy
4 Mystery / M 3 Buy
5 Mystery / M 3 Buy
6 Mystery / M 0 Buy
7 Mystery / M 0 Buy
8 Mystery / M 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: A Liz Rooney Mystery

  • Book - 1

    A medical examiner's assistant with a passion for crime solving, Liz Rooney is fascinated by the sensational murder of a rich playboy. Someone poisoned the handsome aristocrat in his lavish penthouse apartment. The police swiftly arrest the man's lon...

  • Book - 2

    Coroner's assistant Liz Rooney is intrigued by the shooting murder of a prominent politician. The senator was found dead in a New York hotel room with a woman who wasn't his wife, and the tabloids are having a field day. Was the dead woman, a local r...

  • Book - 3

    FAMILY SECRETS When a Manhattan real-estate mogul is found bludgeoned to death in his study, evidence points to those near and dear. His wife loathed and feared him, his daughter hated him and his perfect son is anything but. Coroner's assistant L...

  • Book - 4

    Liz Rooney, amateur sleuth, sat bolt upright when she heard the news that Manhattan socialite Countess Harriet Hunterdon Zanardi had been found dead in her bedroom due to a suspicious fire. Instinctively, Liz knows that the socialite has been murdere...

  • Book - 5

    Handsome, young country rock star, Buford Doakes, is found drowned in the hot tub of his hotel suite after a late-night party. With the deck in disarray and Doakes' famous diamond studded Stetson still intact, foul play is obvious but his image as a ...

  • Book - 6

    One afternoon during play practice, the dramatics teacher at Manhattan's prestigious Chadwick Academy, Marva Malin is found strangled and laying in a pool of blood on the auditorium floor, having been thrown over the balcony rail. Liz Rooney, an ass...

  • Book - 7

    A killer is prowling New York City's Lexington Avenue subway line during rush hour, stalking young women with red hair, and injecting them with a syringe full of a lethal substance. The subway murder of three redheads within two days throws the city'...

  • Book - 8

    Who stabbed Manuel Ruiz, the 18-year-old son of highly respected State Senator Ernesto Ruiz, leaving him to die in a Manhattan alley? Police suspect it's a gang murder when they find a jacket at the scene, bearing the emblem of Las Serpientes, a stre...