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    8 Books
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    June 1995
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    September 2017
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Book List in Order: 8 titles

  • The "modern noir masterpiece" is now back in print

    Hot and scrappy Sherri Parlay gives up her life of depravity, and with best intentions, finds a respectable job as a dry cleaner in hopes for a decent future. But nature and nurture plot a...

  • Ramona Romano isn't into drugs, but all the same, she has her addiction: adventure.

    Separated from her husband, she tries scuba diving to feed her addiction. Then bodybuilding. And along the way, there's one man who grows into more of a challe...

  • Punch is a beautiful man in his forties, slowly dying from alcohol abuse and diabetes. Juliette is his adoring girlfriend, willing to do absolutely anything for him. Together they have made a twisted pact: to live a wild life in Key West, collecti...

  • Desperate, lonely, and dying for a thrill, Destiny Donne is perfect prey for a risk-taking skydiver in sexy noir master Hendricks' best novel since Miami Purity.

    Destiny-Desi for short-is a large animal vet in the sticks of central Florida...

  • “I loved this book. It’s a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them . . . I read it with the fever of the addicted.” -- Michael Connelly

    “I never miss a book by Vicki Hendricks. No one on the...

  • A story of animal-human interaction, both dark and humorous. When Sunny Lytle is evicted for keeping her fur family of thirteen dogs, eight cats, two ferrets, and two rabbits in her apartment in Kentucky, she packs them into a converted school bus an...

  • A heart-stopping mystery anthology from fourteen of today’s best-loved and bestselling female mystery and suspense writers.

    In the expert hands of fourteen unsurpassed storytellers, being a housewife takes on a whole new meaning. Get ready...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vicki Hendricks has published 8 books.

Vicki Hendricks does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Purrz, Baby, was published in September 2017.

The first book by Vicki Hendricks, Miami Purity, was published in June 1995.

No. Vicki Hendricks does not write books in series.