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  • Historical Romance


    Laura Jane O'Leary's future in Wilder's Landing couldn't be brighter. She has a teaching Job she loves, and she's about to marry a man she adores, but her dreams are shattered when she's brutally assaulted. As a result, her fiance breaks off their en...



  • Romance


    In 1889, Sheriff Cooper Matthew's life is turned upside down when he suddenly finds himself the legal guardian of a baby girl named Annie. Cooper hasn't seen his late wife in nearly eight years, but because he'd never obtained a bill of divorcement, ...


  • Contemporary Romance


    Precious Gems - 222

    YOU'RE GETTING WARMER Leave it to Jinx McGraw to stop at an all-night market -- and find herself caught in the middle of a holdup! She's locked in the store freezer within seconds... and she's got company. She's pleased to discover that her fell...



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