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    22 Books (3 Series)
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    January 1975
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    June 2017
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Full Series List in Order

A Devlin Kirk Mystery

1 - Suicide Season (Jun-1987)
2 - Parts Unknown (Nov-1990)
3 - Body Guard (Oct-1991)
4 - Body Slam (1997)

A Gabe Wager Mystery

1 - The Alvarez Journal (1975)
2 - The Farnsworth Score (1977)
3 - Speak for the Dead (Jun-1979)
4 - Angle of Attack (Jul-1979)
5 - The Avenging Angel (Mar-1983)
6 - Strip Search (Apr-1984)
7 - Ground Money (Jun-1986)
8 - The Killing Zone (May-1988)
9 - Endangered Species (Apr-1993)
10 - Blood Line (Jul-1995)
11 - The Leaning Land (Jul-1997)

A Touchstone Agency Mystery

1 - Crude Carrier (Oct-2014)

Book List in Order: 22 titles

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    Detective Gabriel Wager of the Denver Police Department is very interested in the Rare Things Import Shop. He’s working on a tip that 500 to 1000 pounds of marijuana is coming into Denver each week, using the shop as a front. Its’ owner, a litt...

    • / Law Enforcement
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    "Just say no" just won't do when Detective Gabe Wager has to go undercover as a junkie to trap a powerful drug dealer. To bring in a man named Farnsworth, a dealer who thinks he's so big that no one can touch him, Wager disguises himself as Gabriel V...

  • The Denver detective is confronted with a severed head carefully placed in the city's Botanic Gardens, and not much else by way of clues....

  • Assigned to investigate the ganglandstyle murder of young Frank Corvino, Gabriel Wager, a tough Chicano police detective, probes into mob affairs even though Corvino had no apparent link with organized crime...

  • Homicide Detective Gabe Wager is faced with a murder that leads him from Denver to southwest Colorado and into the tangled and secretive relationships of polygamist cults. This novel was the basis of the Charles Bronson movie, "Messenger of Death."...

  • The strip was never the safest place to work--and then the murders began The grisly slayings of two exotic dancers were shocking even on Denver's strip, where topless bars, all-night diners, and furtive street life were the norm. Detective Gabe Wa...

  • Asked by an old rodeo rider to look into the activities of his sons, Denver homicide detective Gabe Wager and his girl friend Jo Fabrizio take a vacation in Western Colorado. The resulting investigation leads them to discover modern crimes lurking in...

  • EVEN A WHITE-COLLAR CRIME CAN END UP IN SOME PRETTY DIRTY DOINGS. Private detective Devlin Kirk has finally landed his first big case. And it is big -- the sabotage of two $100-million real estate deals. It seems to be a routine case of industrial...

  • Denver homicide detective Gabe Wager is confronted with the murder of a Black city councilman. When he learns that the victim has been stepping out with a white lady, Wager is under pressure to solve the delicate case before riot erupts....

  • Devlin investigates a missing Salvadoran’s gruesome fate

    Devlin Kirk and his partner Bunchcroft are Denver’s finest industrial security experts, even if Denver doesn’t see it that way. Their last big case got them out of debt, but sin...

  • Devlin Kirk is back in this third book by Rex Burns featuring the clever private eye and his bear-sized partner, Bunchcroft. Kirk & Associates are once again reduced to investigating insurance fraud cases in order to keep the agency afloat, when two ...

  • Denver homicide detective Gabe Wager follows a murder/arson into the world of ecoterrorists and finds himself caught up in a plot to destroy the Denver metropolitan area....

  • Like many major cities, Denver, Colorado, is beset by gang violence: gunfights to decide who will have the right to sell drugs in a neighborhood, drive-by shootings for slights real or imagined, murders because someone is wearing the wrong color ... ...

    • / Private Investigator
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    Targeted by thugs, a wrestling impresario reaches out to an old friendWhen Otto Lidke got a tryout in pro football, he hired a lawyer friend named Jim Raiford to handle his contract. The negotiations were bungled, forcing both men into a career chang...

  • Jurisdictional disputes, competing agents - the F.B.I., the Bureau of Land Management, and Indian police - and the usual distrust of the citizens of small towns when it comes to dealing with folks from the "big city" combine to make Denver police det...

  • The fourteen fables in "The Frogs of Sawhill Ponds" blend wit, wisdom, and verbal play in the tradition of "Wind in the Willows." Though many of the topics are serious, their treatment is light. Adults and children will find entertainment and dept...

  • When a sailor dies under unusual circumstances, Raiford goes undercover on the high seas The Rossi family received only a handful of letters after their son shipped out on the supertanker Aurora Victorious. The first dispatches were from Harold hi...

  • Caught up in a low budget revolution fought in the jungles of Colombia, Cornelius Mead faces the challenges of survival in the chaos and insanity of war while clinging to his dream of turning the Guyana massacre site of Jonestown into a theme park....

  • Young, but newly widowed, Lydia Sensabaugh struggles to make a living on her farm. Her husband had attempted to revitalize the worn-out soil with new chemicals. But he died of swamp fever before his experiment could be proven. Now, in 1861, the farm�...

    • / General Fiction
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    Caught up in a low budget revolution fought in the jungles of Colombia, Cornelius Mead faces the challenges of survival in the chaos and insanity of war while clinging to his dream of turning the Guyana massacre site of Jonestown into a theme park....

Award-Winning Books by Rex Burns

The Alvarez Journal
1976 Edgar Allan Poe Award -- First Novel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rex Burns has published 22 books.

Rex Burns does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Into Enemy Arms, was published in June 2017.

The first book by Rex Burns, The Alvarez Journal, was published in January 1975.

Yes. Rex Burns has 3 series.