Book List in Order: 42 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Cowboys in Uniform

1) Her Rodeo Hero (Oct-2015)
2) His Rodeo Sweetheart (Mar-2016)
3) The Ranger's Rodeo Rebel (Jun-2016)
4) Her Cowboy Lawman (Feb-2017)
5) Winning the Rancher's Heart (Sep-2017)

Extreme Racing

1) Playboy Prankster (Nov-2010)
2) Burning Rubber (Oct-2011)


1) Dangerous Curves (Mar-2005)
2) In The Groove (Feb-2006)
3) On The Edge (Sep-2006)
4) To The Limit (Nov-2005)
5) Total Control (Sep-2007)
6) Miracle Season (Nov-2007)
7) On The Move (Sep-2008)
8) Slow Burn (Sep-2009)

Rodeo Legends

1) Shane (Mar-2018)
2) Her Cowboy Hero (May-2019)
3) Rodeo Legend (May-2019)
4) The Rancher's Surprise (Jul-2019)
5) The Cowboy's Dilemma (Sep-2019)

Multi-Author Series List

American Romance's Men of the West

Rancher and Protector (Oct-2011)

The Codys: First Family of Rodeo

Mark: Secret Cowboy (Sep-2010)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

The Rancher's Bride (Jun-2012)

Harlequin NASCAR

Dangerous Curves (Mar-2005)
To The Limit (Nov-2005)
In The Groove (Feb-2006)
On The Edge (Sep-2006)
Total Control (Sep-2007)
Miracle Season (Nov-2007)
On The Move (Sep-2008)
Slow Burn (Sep-2009)
Over the Top (Dec-2010)

Home on the Ranch

Her Cowboy Hero (May-2019)
Rodeo Legend (May-2019)
The Rancher's Surprise (Jul-2019)
The Cowboy's Dilemma (Sep-2019)

Men Made in America

The Wrangler (Dec-2009)

Texas Rodeo Barons

4) The Texan's Twins (Sep-2014)

Award-Winning Books by Pamela Britton

2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Sensual Historical Romance