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    14 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    October 1977
  • Latest Book:
    September 1985
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Windhaven Plantation (1981)
2 - Storm Over Windhaven (Oct-1977)
3 - Legacy of Windhaven (1978)
4 - Return to Windhaven (Sep-1985)
5 - Windhaven's Peril (Nov-1979)
6 - Trials of Windhaven (Apr-1980)
7 - Defenders of Windhaven (Dec-1980)
8 - Windhaven's Crisis (Jun-1981)
9 - Windhaven's Bounty (Dec-1981)
10 - Windhaven's Triumph (Jul-1982)
11 - Windhaven's Fury (Dec-1982)
12 - Windhaven's Destiny (Aug-1983)
13 - Windhaven's Hope (Dec-1983)
14 - Windhaven's Glory (Jun-1985)

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • The roots of WINDHAVEN They were bold, willful pioneers, planters of the rich Alabama soil, from Lucien Bouchard, the patriarch who created Windhaven out of the strength of his dreams and the power of his soul, to his grandson, Mark, whose cruel s...

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    The Fury - Old Lucien Bouchard struggled and fought to build Windhaven Plantation. Tragedy and violence could not stop him, and what few moments of joy and love he earned were enough to strengthen his determination to found a place of peace and freed...

  • The tempestuous story of the indomitable Bouchard family -- divided by the Civil War, united by their proud and lusty heritage... As the South recovers from the devastating clash of the War Between the States, as the American Indians scatter over ...

  • A magnificent series of our great American past, of our Southern heritage, and of a way of life that has vanished forever... Spanning several generations of the full-blooded and proud Bouchard dynasty that built Windhaven, this is the sweeping saga ...

  • A sweeping series of Americans who rebuilt the South after the Civil War -- of their dashed hopes, their indomitable spirit... Out of the ashes of the Civil War, a South rebuilds, the blue and the gray disband, the wounds of a nation begin to heal, ...

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    How dourly resolute it was, commanding the fields below it, two stories of the finest red brick, with a tower flanking it at each end. It was from these towers in Normandy that he once pretended to see the ocean and the masts of great Viking ships, o...

  • As our nation recovers from the indignities and suffering of the Civil War, as it approaches its triumphant first Centennial Celebration of 1876, the proud Bouchard family continues to fight for its hard-won freedoms and to keep afire the legacy that...

  • The Bouchard legacy has left its imprint upon the South, as generation after generation thrive on the belief that hard work and a strong family will endure, even as the turmoil of Reconstruction continues to tear asunder a young land. The legacy will...

  • The glory and the grandeur of our great American heritage...The pride and the passion of a courageous Southern family...The bold, breathtaking saga of Windhaven Plantation. Once again a proud South holds its head up high, its conflicts behind it, it...

  • New Horizons As the nation stands poised on the brink of a new era, an age of unprecedented growth and industrial expansion, the Bouchard family is swept along, seeking new opportunities. But the traditions of Windhaven and the Old South live on, ...

  • Love, Lost and Found In the 1880s, America's Gilded Age, the Bouchard family struggles and survives - its fate inextricably tied to a nation moving west in search of a proud new spirit, north to opportunities in great cities. But the Bouchard lega...

  • Though the fires of the Civil War have cooled, and the dread tyranny of Reconstruction has passed into history -- buried hatreds are ready to flare anew... On a January night in 1883, a drunken band of raiders storm Windhaven Plantation, laying wa...

  • A Dynasty Of Love, Lust, And Treachery...A Destiny Of Rescued Dreams! It is 1883, and the fiery trauma of war and reconstruction that torched the Old South has settled deep into the rich soil of the once-glorious Windhaven Plantation. Amid swarms of...

  • In another great American Windhaven saga, the continuing chapters of the Bouchard family unfold against the backdrop of the turbulent Reconstruction years in the war-ravaged South. White against Black, Yankee against Confederate, carpetbaggers agains...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Marie De Jourlet has published 14 books.

Marie De Jourlet does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Return to Windhaven, was published in September 1985.

The first book by Marie De Jourlet, Storm Over Windhaven, was published in October 1977.

Yes. Marie De Jourlet has 1 series.