Book List in Order: 27 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Awakened

1) Ashes of Retribution (May-2018)
2) Embers of Resistance (Jun-2018)
3) Flames of Reckoning (Jul-2018)
4) Rewritten (Sep-2018)
5) Reclaimed (Oct-2018)

The Djinn Kingdom

1) Pirate's Vengeance (Mar-2017)
2) Island of Bones (May-2017)
3) Band of Shadows (Jul-2017)
4) Into the Unknown (Oct-2017)
5) Mount of Gods (Nov-2017)
The Pirate's Atlas (Mar-2017)

The Dragon Mage

1) The Ward of Wyvern (Jan-2019)
2) The Queen of Jade (Jan-2019)
3) The Prince of Night (Jan-2019)
4) The Mage of Kings (Feb-2019)

The Lightborn

1) Lightborn (Sep-2019)
2) Stormfire (Oct-2019)

The Lost Relics

1) Rise of a Guardian (Aug-2016)
2) Trinity Rises (Aug-2016)
3) Rise of the Black Dawn (Jan-2017)
5) Fire and Ice (Nov-2016)
6) A Hero Lost: Blake's Story (Mar-2017)
The Gateway (Jul-2016)

Marked in Shadow's Keep

1) Marked in Shadow's Keep (Feb-2018)
2) The After Plague (Mar-2018)
3) Knight's Awakening (May-2018)