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    27 Books (5 Series)
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    April 1994
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    August 2024
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Full Series List in Order

An Alix Thorssen Mystery

1 - The Bluejay Shaman (Apr-1994)
2 - Painted Truth (Dec-1995)
3 - Nordic Nights (Nov-1999)
4 - Blue Wolf (Jun-2001)
5 - Dear Alix (Mar-2012)

Bennett Sisters

1 - Blackbird Fly (May-2009)
2 - The Girl in the Empty Dress (May-2014)
3 - Give Him the Ooh-la-la (Dec-2014)
4 - The Things We Said Today (Jul-2016)
5 - The Frenchman (Aug-2017)
6 - Odette and the Great Fear (Jan-2018)
7 - Blame it on Paris (Aug-2018)
8 - A Bolt from the Blue (Aug-2019)
9 - Bottle of Lies (Dec-2019)
10 - Outside the Bubble (Jan-2020)
11 - Uncorked (Feb-2020)
12 - Lost in Lavender (Oct-2020)
13 - Swan & Peacock (Dec-2020)
14 - Crazy as a Loon (Feb-2021)
15 - Fly the Nest (Mar-2021)
16 - Chateau des Corbeaux (Dec-2021)
16.5 - The Tomb (Jul-2023)
17 - Here There and Everywhere (Dec-2022)
18 - The Last Letter From France (Aug-2024)

Birds of a Feather

1 - Swan & Peacock (Dec-2020)
2 - Crazy as a Loon (Feb-2021)
3 - Fly the Nest (Mar-2021)

Dead Flat

1 - Bottle of Lies (Dec-2019)
2 - Outside the Bubble (Jan-2020)
3 - Uncorked (Feb-2020)

A Dorrie Lennox Mystery

1 - One O'Clock Jump (Mar-2001)
2 - Sweet and Lowdown (Jul-2002)

Book List in Order: 27 titles

  • There is no artistry in slashing a woman's throat. Alix Thorssen, art dealer and forgery expert, knows that much. Whoever killed Shiloh Merkin hated her and wanted her dead. Her brother-in-law Wade, is accused of murder. Wade, an Indian activist and ...

  • THE ART OF ILLUSION Art expert/gallery owner Alix Thorssen is called on to appraise the charred remains of a friend's local gallery...a tragedy doubled when the body of artist Ray Thornton is found among the debris. The death is ruled a suicide...

  • Drawing on her own Nordic background and her intimate knowledge of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Lise McClendon has crafted a dark tale of theft, murder, art, and archeology. It begins with Alix Thorssen's stepfather, Hank, discovered standing over the corp...

  • Halfway around the world, war has begun, but for Dorie Lennox, a newly-minted private eye on her first tail, danger is more immediate. The dark streets of Kansas City of 1939 offer swing music, fast cars, gangsters, and the chance to forget about the...

  • BLOOD TRAIL As Jackson Hole, Wyoming, gallery owner Alix Thorssen plans an art auction to promote wolf conservation, she is plunged into a bitter feud between ranchers and environmentalists--and an old mystery involving the strange death of a teen...

  • A story that will stay with the reader long after the book is closed Europe is at War. Nazi bombers are hammering London. Wendell Willkie is giving Roosevelt a run for his money. In Kansas City, Dorie Lennox and her partner Amos Haddam are trying to ...

  • A house in France connects three women -- the woman who owns the house, the woman who lives in the house, and the woman who died in the house sixty years before. Merle Bennett inherits the house of her late husband, in a small village in the Dordog...

  • Alix Thorssen, art dealer, insurance sleuth, and "snapping turtle with a brain and a bra," stars in these two short stories set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "Wild Irish Dreams" is set between Painted Truth and Nordic Nights, featuring an old friend who ...

  • Humorous, romantic, and full of the turmoil of becoming an adult, All Your Pretty Dreams asks the question: How do I know who I am? And when I find out, who will accept me?

    When Jonny Knobel is called home to play his accordion in the famil...

  • The sequel to the much-loved Blackbird Fly is here at last!

    Merle Bennett is spending another summer in France, vacationing with her four sisters and one friend, lawyers all, tramping around the backroads of the Dordogne. The sixth member of ...

  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE--FESTIVITIES, FUN, FOOD, AND FRAUD! It’s Bridget Jones does Christmas in Manhattan--plus a dash of international espionage--in this romantic cozy mystery that mixes sisterly love with a world famous drag queen, a shameful fam...

  • Another summer, another Bennett Sisters adventure. This time the whole family travels to Scotland for oldest sister Annie's wedding to a handsome Scot. They take over his family hunting lodge in the Highlands for a week. But is Annie, fourteen years ...

  • It’s Eat Pray Love meets murder mystery in Lise McClendon’s deliciously cozy chronicles of sisterhood, international travel … and a soupçon of danger.Merle Bennett goes back to France -- and her Frenchman -- in this fifth installment of the Be...

  • Deep in the French countryside-- as the country reels through rebellion, beheadings, and starvation-- a goat-herder named Odette is trying to survive. Just that-- survival is on her mind. Since she marched to Versailles with a group of Parisian women...

  • Francie Bennett is not having the best year at her law firm. She is forced to take a leave of absence while an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment takes place. Around the same time she gets a letter from a young man whose friend has b...

  • Paris beckons the Bennett Sisters again... with fine wine, abandoned villas, classic apartments, and hidden secretsWhen Francie Bennett goes back to Paris to help untangle an old woman's estate at first she is confined to escorting the grumpy heir to...

  • Ooh-la-la! At long last French policeman, Pascal d'Onscon, a beloved character in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, has his own adventure in wine and France. Pascal is ready for a long break with his live-in love, Merle Bennett, at their cottage in the ...

  • Part Two of the trilogy into policeman Pascal d'Onscon's adventures in France. Merle Bennett met Pascal in 'Blackbird Fly.' He is a wine fraud investigator with the Police Nationale.First read number one in the trilogy: 'Bottle of Lies,' where Pascal...

  • The final part of the trilogy, DEAD FLAT, about the adventures of French policeman, Pascal d'Onscon, part of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries. The first two parts: 'Bottle of Lies' and 'Outside the Bubble' are available now. In the finale Pascal has dua...

  • Mystery, romance, adventure, and more are in store for the youngest of five sisters, lawyers all, when she signs up to work at a lavender farm in Provence in Lost in Lavender, a Bennett Sisters Mystery.Facing a crossroads-- both career and personal--...

  • Malicious mischief, family drama, and some serious bad guys make this adventure with the Bennett Sisters in France an edge-of-your-seat ride!Fantastic adventure in the French countryside! -- JillIf you want to fall in love with France, like food, lov...

  • This bonus epilogue follows the events of Château des Corbeaux... please read that novel first or this will make no sense to you! As we left Merle and Pascal in France, on the verge of a new life in a vineyard, there were some loose ends to tie...

  • When American lawyer Merle Bennett finds a packet of old letters in the cottage she's renovating in France, it kicks off an incredible journey of discovery about the writer, a British soldier in World War 1, and his love back home.'Just curious,' Mer...

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Lise McClendon has published 27 books.

The next book by Lise McClendon, The Last Letter From France, will be published in August 2024.

The first book by Lise McClendon, The Bluejay Shaman, was published in April 1994.

Yes. Lise McClendon has 5 series.