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    6 Books
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    December 2009
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    July 2021
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  • Seventeen-year-old Annie Tillery and her Aunt Jill set off for Long Island's Fire Island for a vacation of surf, sun, and sailing. Annie is happy to leave behind the stress of her relationship with her parents. Aunt Jill, who is an NYPD detective, is...

  • Seventeen-year-old amateur detective Annie Tillery is at it again. After she wins a series of art lessons at a prestigious art gallery, Annie shows up for her first lesson to find her instructor, Francesca Gabrielli, in a volatile argument with John ...

  • Amateur sleuth Annie Tillery has been warned to stay away from Nevshehir, Turkey, where she is heading to meet her boyfriend, Ty Egan, and Cedric Zeeks, Ty's best friend. Intent on helping the two excavate an archeological site where they hope to lin...

  • The wreckage of a World War II plane is found in the mountains of Appalachia. It mysteriously crashed in 1943 on its way to a naval base. Inside the plane is a note, written by Annie Tillery's great-grandmother, Charlotte, who was in love with a figh...

  • In addition to the first Annie Tillery Mystery, this book contains an insight into how the author wrote the book. These are materials pertaining to writing style, character development and research, as well as ideas for additional activities such as ...

  • What can possibly happen when a crime happens under the very noses of a group of very savvy eighth graders at St. BeSillius' Catholic School on St. Frederick's Island?When an author like me gets a review that says, I can't wait to read the next one, ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Linda Maria Frank has published 6 books.

Linda Maria Frank does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Buccaneers of St. Frederick Island, was published in July 2021.

The first book by Linda Maria Frank, The Madonna Ghost, was published in December 2009.

No. Linda Maria Frank does not write books in series.