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    2 Books
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    February 1982
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    January 1983
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  • THE RIVALS It was no secret that Ginevra had a rival for her husband. All of London knew that Richard Glover, the Marquess of Chadwick, kept Amalie de Villeneuve as his mistress--and every rake in town smiled at the idea of a chit of a girl like G...

  • Will a proud beauty let her life be ruled by the maddeningly attractive aristocrat she thinks she hates? A FAMILY AFFAIR When Jessica, a poor parson's daughter, secretly wed the dashing aristocrat Andrew Foxe, she set in motion the wagging tong...

Award-Winning Books by Julia Jeffries

The Clergyman's Daughter
1983 Golden Medallion -- Category Historical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Julia Jeffries has published 2 books.

Julia Jeffries does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Clergyman's Daughter, was published in January 1983.

The first book by Julia Jeffries, The Chadwick Ring, was published in February 1982.

No. Julia Jeffries does not write books in series.