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    12 Books (1 Series)
  • First Book:
    July 1990
  • Latest Book:
    April 1993
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Searcher (Jul-1990)
2 - Lynch Law (Oct-1990)
3 - Tin Badge (Jan-1991)
4 - Warpath (Apr-1991)
5 - Hellfire (Aug-1991)
6 - Devil's Brand (Nov-1991)
7 - Stampede (Feb-1992)
8 - Reckless Guns (May-1992)
9 - Fort Hays Bustout (Aug-1992)
10 - Boom Town (Nov-1992)
11 - Bloody Sunday (Jan-1993)
12 - The Barbary Coast (Apr-1993)

Book List in Order: 12 titles

  • Searching for his missing fiancee and suspecting she might have made her way to Texas, John Stone takes on a job escorting a settlers' wagon train that is headed there, fighting for his life against Indians, outlaws, and uncompromising thirst along t...

  • Once, John Stone had everything a man could ever want: wealth, position and a woman who loved him. That was before the Civil War. Now he’s lost his fortune and his fiancée has disappeared. With only his Colt, a picture of Marie and a missi...

  • Sheriff Buck Rawlins was a hero … years ago. The next-to-last-thing he needed was a man like John Stone stopping a bank robbery single-handed, reminding folks what a real hero looked like. The last thing Rawlins needed was John Stone as his deputy....

  • THE SEARCH BEGINSOnce, John Stone had everything a man could ever want: wealth, position, and a woman who loved him. But that was before the Civil War. Now he's lost his fortune, and his fiancee has disappeared. All he has left is his Colt, a picture...

  • After a near-fatal attack by a band of outlaws led by an old friend of his, John Stone is brought back to the outlaws' hideout, where Sally Drake nurses him back to health, while her jealous boyfriend decides Stone doesn't deserve the chance to recov...

  • Scouring the West fo his lost fiancee, Marie, John Stone encounters a dead ringer for his lost lover in Cassandra Whiteside, the daughter of the owner of the Triangle Spur Ranch where Stone has landed a job...

  • It’s John Stone’s first cattle drive, and it won’t be an easy ride—especially since he’s travelling with a band of vagabonds and desperadoes. But he’d brave anything to get one step closer to the women he loved and...

  • Driving three thousand head of Cassandra Whiteside’s cattle into a town called Sundust, John Stone expected the usual gunplay with rustlers and bandits. But this time Stone collects double rations of deep trouble -- and he’ll need more than a fas...

  • Out in Indian Country, a case of mistaken identity can cost a man his life …Getting ambushed by a pair of army deserters in the New Mexico desert wasn't part of John Stone's plans. He'd just left a job herding cattle in Texas, hot on a lead that hi...

  • Lodestone prides itself on being the fastest-growing town in Colorado, but John Stone knows a con game when he sees one. And this is a con the size of the Rockies. The low-down varmints running the scam don’t want to see him meddling -- they’d ra...

  • With six good men murdered in a single smoking night. Woodlawn was starting to feel more like a cemetary than a town. John Stone had no plans to stick around...until the local killers sparked his wrath by gunning down his riding companion. Pinning...

  • THE FINAL BOOK IN THE SERIESThe burning quest that drives John Stone leads him to San Francisco -- a crime-ridden city where he’ll need more than his famed quick draw to keep himself alive. The trail of his long-lost Marie is hotter than ever -- in...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Josh Edwards has published 12 books.

Josh Edwards does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Barbary Coast, was published in April 1993.

The first book by Josh Edwards, Searcher, was published in July 1990.

Yes. Josh Edwards has 1 series.