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    9 Books
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    July 1995
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    March 2020
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Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • Welcome to this collection of stories - on the topics of Crime, Ghost, Reflection and Science Fiction. Find out why Miss Cavern always has to wear her slippers. Read all about the secret room. Who really was Laura's childhood sweetheart Drif...

  • It’s Aline’s first visit to Egypt " or is it? As soon as Aline embarks on a Nile cruise, she experiences a mysterious sense of déjà vu. The people she meets feel like more than just casual acquaintances, as if she has met them somewhere befo...

  • Catherine Mallett inherits a fortune from a man she has never met, but why would Samuel Ingram bequeath everything to a girl he doesn't know? Catherine travels to Norfolk to learn more of her unexpected inheritance and the conditions attached to it -...

  • Daniel has nothing in common with his family or classmates and has only two friends. He feels so alienated that he might as well be an alien. When he learns that his mom has saved a newspaper clipping about a meteor that landed nearby on his birthday...

  • Harley lives in a high rise flat on an inner city estate, but his passion is for free running and survival skills. So when he sees an advert for a Bushcraft Survival Competition with his hero Mr. Wilderness, he is determined to enter! But he has neve...

  • Once upon a time, a fairy tale went very wrong! This new twist on a traditional children's story is packed with fun, humour, and energy. Little Rude is incredibly cheeky to everyone that she meets. She doesn't even know the meaning of "please" a...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jo Franklin has published 9 books.

Jo Franklin does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Little Rude Riding Hood, was published in March 2020.

The first book by Jo Franklin, Wing of the Falcon, was published in July 1995.

No. Jo Franklin does not write books in series.