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    January 1979
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    January 1980
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Jayne Ann Castle was born on March 28, 1948 in Borrego Springs, California. She obtained a B.A in History and a Masters degree in Library Science. After her graduation, she married with Frank Krentz, an engineer. She worked in the Duke University, when she published her first novels in 1979.

Now, Jayne Ann Castle Krentz with her seven pennames is considered a pillar in the contemporary romance genre. For some years, she only uses three pennames for each of three different periods from time: "Jayne Ann Krentz" (her married name) from the present, "Jayne Castle" (her birth name) from the future and her most famous penname: "Amanda Quick" from the past. She is famous for her work ethic, beginning her writing by 7 am six days a week. Her heroins never are damsels in hardships, they are often heroes. Her novels also contain mystery or paranormal elements.

Book List in Order: 5 titles

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    EVERYTHING WAS SETTLED Or so Anne Grenville thought. Ryder Marshall seemed quite pleased to inherit her grandfather's ranch. To do so, he had to marry one of the Grenville sisters, and the beautiful Laura was more than willing. But after a bri...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    LIES OF LOVE He had lied to her about everything! Tricking her into marriage and a ready-made family! To top it all off, the real Rafe MacIntyre was hardly the soft-spoken gentleman who had won Amanda's heart during their courtship. At first, ...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    GETTING EVEN Before her vacation with the Ralston family was over, Harmony knew that Victor Ralston would propose. Just as surely, she knew she'd refuse to become his wife. But Harmony had never expected that Aaron Fortune would be the one to put ...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    Sophia was positive: Matt Sinclair was definitely not the man for her! He was certainly attractive enough, she mused, in his own rough, unpolished way. But how could her matchmaking friends ever think she would get along with such a brooding, serious...

    • / Contemporary Romance
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    Sabrina knew all about courtship. Hadn't she succeeded in scaring off no less than two prospective husbands in just six months? So when Sabrina met Roarke Wayland, she freely offered him advice on his troubled romance with her lovely cousin...Though ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jayne Bentley has published 5 books.

Jayne Bentley does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Hired Husband, was published in January 1980.

The first book by Jayne Bentley, A Moment Past Midnight, was published in January 1979.

No. Jayne Bentley does not write books in series.