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    29 Books (5 Series)
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    August 2011
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    October 2020
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Full Series List in Order

Copper Kings

1 - Western Bride (Oct-2018)
2 - Western Promise (Mar-2019)
3 - Western Future (Mar-2019)
4 - Western Dilemma (Apr-2019)

Heartsgate to Hanover Square

1 - The Illusive Inventor (Oct-2020)

Miners to Millionaires

1 - A Mail-Order Heart (May-2016)
2 - A Mail-Order Wish (Dec-2016)
3 - A Mail-Order Hope (Feb-2017)
4 - A Mail-Order Dream (Apr-2017)
5 - A Mail-Order Chance (May-2017)
6 - A Mail-Order Dawn (Aug-2017)
7 - A Mail-Order Escape (Feb-2018)
8 - A Mail-Order Illusion (Mar-2018)
9 - A Mail-Order Haven (Jun-2018)
10 - A Mail-Order Destiny (Aug-2018)

Scandals & Secrets

1 - Scandal of Love (Aug-2011)
2 - Masquerade Secrets (Feb-2012)
3 - Secrets in Mourning (Sep-2012)
4 - A Kiss with Scandal (Jul-2015)
5 - A Christmas Secret (Dec-2015)

The Witches of Redwood Falls

1 - The Witching Moon (Oct-2014)
2 - The Witching Craft (Aug-2015)

Multi-Author Series List

Alphabet Mail-Order Brides

25 - Zara's Zephyr (Jan-2019)

American Mail-Order Brides

50 - Kitty: Bride of Hawaii (Jan-2016)

The Book Club

8 - The Minx Miner (Jun-2019)
16 - The Destined Duchess (Aug-2019)

Book List in Order: 29 titles

  • Scandal of Love (The Scandals and Secrets Series - Book 1)A Historical Romance Novella of 32,000 words (about 128 pages).Lady Sera Winters was determined to marry for love--or not at all. Close to receiving a proposal from the Duke of Wathersby, Sera...

  • Masquerade Secrets (The Scandals and Secrets Series - Book 2)A Historical Romance Novella of 36,000 words (about 130 pages).A confirmed wallflower, Lady Aubrey Langston didn’t have high hopes for the new season. After a masquerade was announced, a ...

  • Secrets in Mourning (Scandals & Secrets - Book 3)A novella of 32,000 words (about 128 pages).Widowed after a few hours of marriage, Lady Victoria Haveston is suddenly an heiress -- if she meets the stipulations set forth by her departed husband, the ...

  • She wouldn’t give up… When fashion designer, Natalie Cohen, found a picture of a mysterious man in her grandmother’s belongings, She was determine to discover the truth. When her search leads her to Grant Walker, the grandson of the unknown man...

  • My Only Wish - A Christmas NovellaWith the holiday season approaching, Abby Carter feels a hollow ache in her heart. Her Christmas wish, written on paper, sealed in a bottle, and thrown into the ocean, is that she will find someone to love, someone w...

  • THE WITCHING MOONA Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella with a touch of magic (Rated PG)A prophecy’s looming deadline.A missing mate.Why can’t fate keep it simple?Poppy’s future is uncertain…When her mate doesn’t show up as a prophecy foretel...

  • A hunted witness,An undercover agent for the crown,And the vicious smuggler who wants them dead.Charlotte’s life is in danger…Exasperated with monotonous balls during the London Season, Lady Charlotte Langston finds refuge from a sea of mind-numb...

  • A powerful talisman,An estranged mate’s return,And an epic struggle between dark and light magick.It was her destiny…After Persephone creates the talisman, a magical enhancer beyond any ever forged, she’s attacked by thieves from both sides of ...

  • A Christmas Secret (Scandals & Secrets - Book 4.5) is a sweet romance SHORT STORY of 4500 words.This story also appeared in the Christmas Caring AnthologyMiss Rosalie Winthrop has secretly been in love with Viscount Gloucher since they met. The probl...

  • As the beloved illegitimate daughter of a billionaire railroad tycoon, Kitty Jones should have had a comfortable life. But soon after her father passes away, she is forced to go on the run when someone hired by her half-brother tries to kill her. Whi...

  • Clara Stewart has every intention of marrying Ivan, her mail-order groom, but her plans fall apart when he dies before her arrival -- leaving not one fiancée but nine! When the female-starved town offers them Ivan’s home and claim, Clara steps for...

  • She wants to be needed...After a mail-order bride fiasco leaves Olivia Hardy without a groom, she now owns a house and gold mine with eight other women, lives in a town full of rough-and-tumble miners, and has very little peace. When she sees a preci...

  • Determined to return a good deed, Isabelle Sweeney refuses to leave Asher Walker in peace until he agrees to stop his self-imposed seclusion and connect with other people. Finding him every inch as stubborn as herself, she offers a compromise: she’...

  • Used to working for her keep, Aria McKinnon doesn’t know what to do with herself now that she’s a woman of means. She’s determined to work as a nanny for Cameron Grant’s two unruly children, and Irish or not, she will get the job. What she di...

  • Traveling to her mail-order groom, Ellie Richards was confident the ranch he’d promised her upon their marriage would solve all her problems. But after a robbery gone wrong, she’s kidnapped off the train and doesn’t know if she’ll make it out...

  • When a freak snowstorm catches Rosalie Davis outdoors, she realizes the western adventure she craved when becoming a mail-order bride might not be everything she imagined. Before freezing to death on a canyon trail, she’s found by the local blacksm...

  • A Miners to Millionaires Spin-off Series!Abby Winthrop knows what life-altering love is like—and how it can destroy you. Now, all her dreams hang on the new women arriving in Promise Creek, hoping they'll become like sisters to her. But when Lu...

  • Zara Wigg is a dreamer. So, when she’s offered the chance to build her own school and become a mail-order bride, she agrees to all conditions -- including the one about taking a husband. But when she arrives in Promise Creek and discovers the man s...

  • Time travel and fairy godmothers?When Gemma is offered the chance of a lifetime -- to travel back in time and meet the love of her life -- she jumps at the opportunity no matter how far-fetched it sounds.But when she’s held at gunpoint after accide...

  • Dukes make the best heroes.Fiercely protective?Powerful?Hunky?Check.After a lifetime of scraping by, Rory’s afraid to leave everything she’s worked for behind and travel to the past to meet her soulmate. But she risks it, knowing happiness is pos...

  • "Big dreams as tall as the Eiffel Tower, aspirations as wide as the sea, My curl friends are so amazing, they bring out the best in me!" Curl Friends is a charming story that celebrates girls of color and the power of friendships, uniqueness, and the...

  • Psychology and fairy dust? Peter didn't believe the purple-haired matchmaker when she told him she could send him through time to his soulmate. But when he's almost run over by a carriage in the heart of London, he realizes that the impossible j...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Janelle Daniels has published 29 books.

Janelle Daniels does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Illusive Inventor, was published in October 2020.

The first book by Janelle Daniels, Scandal of Love, was published in August 2011.

Yes. Janelle Daniels has 5 series.