Abigail's Adventure
  • Length:
    26 Books
  • First Book:
    January 2019
  • Latest Book:
    April 2019
  • Genres:
    Historical Romance
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Alphabet Mail-Order Brides Series in Order (26 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: Alphabet Mail-Order Brides

  • Caroline Lee
    Book - 1

    Widow Abigail Hembree's entire world has been the Wigg School and Foundling Home. She and her precious children have found a home there, safe from the evils of men, as she taught and nurtured the orphans who shared their lives. But Madam Wigg has...

  • Kirsten Osbourne
    Book - 2

    Beulah Wigg thinks her life is already as good as it’s going to get. An orphan, she teaches at the foundling home where she grew up, and she loves the challenge. When she finds out she has to leave the only home she’s ever known and marry so she ...

  • Sara Jolene
    Book - 3

    Catalina Smith has spent a long time looking at her past, wondering where she came from, but Madam Wigg, the closest thing to a mother she’s ever known, has presented her with an opportunity to move forward. After honing her skills as a teacher in ...

  • George H. McVey
    Book - 4

    Dorthy James is convinced she is bad luck, a Jonah, a pariah. When she’s around disasters happen to her, to others, all around her. Things break, people get hurt and there’s nothing she can do about it. The safest place for her is in her classroo...

  • Kay P. Dawson
    Book - 6

    Fae has always believed in true love and happy-ever-afters, even if she'd never thought it was something she would have for herself. As an orphan raised in the Wigg School and Foundling Home, she knows her options are limited, but she's content to s...

  • Kathleen Ball
    Book - 7

    Glory’s life is being turned upside down. Her comfortable daily life as a teacher at The Wigg School and Foundling Home has ended. She'd lived there all her life. How will she survive without her friends? Her future now is to travel to Texas as a M...

  • Morgan Dawson
    Book - 8

    Harriet has never believed she has anything to offer a man. Knowing she has flaws that might keep anyone from ever loving her, she's happy to stay at the orphanage where she grew up and where she feels safe. But, when her guardian informs her it's ...

  • Reina Torres
    Book - 9

    Imogene Wigg has loved her life at the foundling home where she was raised. It gave her a loving family and the skills to better her mind and her future. When she finds out that they all have to leave their home, she doesn’t want to go, but Madam d...

  • Kirsten Osbourne
    Book - 10

    Jessamine Stewart has felt rejected for most of her life. Now she is being sent away by the woman who has been her surrogate mother for the past six years. She moves to Texas to start a school and marry a stranger as his mail-order bride. When she ar...

  • Lynn Winchester
    Book - 11

    Read the newest addition to the Dry Bayou Brides Series!Determined to create something that will leave a legacy, Katriona Wigg heads west to Dry Bayou, Texas, where she plans to marry a man she’s never met. Being a mail-order bride isn’t ideal, ...

  • Maxine Douglas
    Book - 12

    Rescued from the streets of New York City as a child, Leanna Jones knows the reality of feeling alone and the impact it can have on children. Now a teacher at Madam Wigg’s Foundling Home and School, Leanna leaves the only home and family she’s ev...

  • Heidi Vanlandingham
    Book - 13

    One preacher. One teacher. Three orphans. Can they become a family?

    Stepping off the train, Mia Bradley, orphan and teacher, has now become a mail-order bride. She has a new home, a new Choctaw-Creek husband, and new children of her very o...

  • Hildie McQueen
    Book - 14

    When given a grant to open a school in Hammond Montana, Nellie Higgins embarks on a journey of a lifetime. Despite the heartbreak of leaving her family behind, becoming a mail-order bride opens up a wonderful world she can’t wait to explore.Henry C...

  • Peggy McKenzie
    Book - 15

    Olivia Palmer has lived her entire life within the safe, protected walls of Madame Wigg’s Foundling Home and School for the forgotten. Now, her benefactor claims she’s dying and wants Olivia to choose a husband from a newspaper advertisement. ...

  • Cathryn Chandler
    Book - 16

    His head is in the clouds, but her feet are firmly on the ground. Can they ever find a way to make a life together?Phebe became an orphan the day she was born. Her mother died giving birth, waiting for her husband and son to return from the gold fie...

  • Sylvia McDaniel
    Book - 17

    Evil touched Quinlan once. Will it do so again?

    The best thing that ever happened to Quinlan Clark was the day the law took her to an orphanage. Now, the time has come for Quinlan and the other young teachers to go out on their own as mai...

  • Carra Copelin
    Book - 18

    Rebecca Wigg istall, slender, blonde and blue-eyed, headstrong and independent. She lovesliving at the Wigg School and Foundling Home where she was raised but finds sheand the other teachers are having to find a new job or a husband because the...

  • Laura Stapleton
    Book - 19

    Sally Wigg began life as an orphan. Never knowing who her parents were, she grew up in Madam Wigg's school and foundling home with her adopted sisters. Until the day she'd been secretly dreading all of her life arrived. Sally, like her sisters, thumb...

  • Keira K. Barton
    Book - 20

    Tillie Thompson does not want to be a mail-order bride. Orphaned at age nine, relinquishing the choice of who she falls in love with feels like giving up the only decision that’s truly her own. With the prospect of opening her own arts-based school...

  • Danni Roan
    Book - 23

    Wendalynn Wigg will tackle any problem head-on so when she's offered her chance at a school of her own, becoming a mail-order bride should be no obstacle at all. Setting her heart on a life dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of learning in needy...

  • Michele Lindsey
    Book - 24

    Now that his mine has paid out, Nathaniel can finally hang up his pickaxe and fulfill his dream of owning a cattle farm. He’s also looking forward to settling down and starting a family. But he’ll need a wife first.Yetta has spent her whole life ...

  • Janelle Daniels
    Book - 25

    Zara Wigg is a dreamer. So, when she’s offered the chance to build her own school and become a mail-order bride, she agrees to all conditions -- including the one about taking a husband. But when she arrives in Promise Creek and discovers the man s...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 26 books in the Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series.

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Sailor and the School Teacher: Xenia's Story (Book 26), was published in April 2019.

The first book in the Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series, Abigail's Adventure, was published in January 2019.

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series primarily falls into the Historical Romance genre.