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    9 Books
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    August 1996
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    October 2008
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Multi-Author Series List

A Covert-One Novel

7 - Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event (Oct-2007)
8 - Robert Ludlum's The Vulcan Possession (Oct-2008)

Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • A powerful scenario on the cutting edge of technology, Choosers of the Slain is set in the near future, in the icy waters of the desolate Antarctic. A lone British outpost is taken over by Argentinian forces. The world's only immediate defense is the...

  • Brimming with heat-of-battle action and state-of-the-art technology, Sea Strike plunges Commander Amanda Garrett, first introduced in Choosers of the Slain, and her stealth destroyer, USS Cunningham, into action. After suffering internal revolt, Comm...

  • Aclassic noir mystery in the tradition of Elmore Leonard. Set on Route 66 in 1958, a young detective becomes involved with a mysterious and beautiful woman, mobsters and a search for a cache of moolah....

  • Packed with all the electrifying action and cutting-edge technology fans have come to expect from James H. Cobb, Sea Fighter sends Commander Amanda Lee Garrett into her most explosive mission yet. A renegade Nigerian general has invaded Sierra Leone ...

  • After a series of successful tests, an industrial research satellite falls to the Indonesian sea and disappears--along with its international recovery team and ship. NATO and U.S. military officials believe that it has been stolen, but by whom and wh...

  • Ralph Peters follows a German officer in the starving days after World War II as he makes his way on foot back home, where a defeat far more terrible than the Allied victory awaits him.

    Jim DeFelice takes us to the height of the war when info...

  • On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, researchers discover the wreckage of a mysterious World War II-era aircraft, a discovery that forces the Russian Federation into a shocking admission. The unmarked plane is a Soviet strategic bomber that dis...

  • With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the President is forced to establish his own clandestine group - Covert-One - selected from the very best operators America has to offer. It is only act...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

James H. Cobb has published 9 books.

James H. Cobb does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Robert Ludlum's The Vulcan Possession, was published in October 2008.

The first book by James H. Cobb, Choosers of the Slain, was published in August 1996.

No. James H. Cobb does not write books in series.