Book List in Order: 18 titles

Complete Series List in Order

A Carl Wilcox Mystery

1) Murder (1981)
2) Paint the Town Red (1982)
3) The Missing Moon (Jan-1983)
4) The Naked Liar (Jun-1985)
5) The Fourth Widow (Jun-1986)
6) Barbed Wire Noose (May-1987)
7) Man Who Met the Train (Jun-1988)
8) The Man Who Missed the Party (May-1989)
9) The Man Who Was Taller Than God (Sep-1992)
10) A Perfectly Proper Murder (Sep-1993)
11) A Way With Widows (Sep-1994)
12) The Ditched Blonde (Aug-1995)
13) Hatchet Job (Nov-1996)
14) The Ice Pick Artist (Nov-1997)
15) No Badge, No Gun (Oct-1998)
16) Lead, So I Can Follow (Nov-1999)

Award-Winning Books by Harold Adams

The Man Who Was Taller Than God
1992 Shamus Award -- P.I. Novel