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    18 Books (2 Series)
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    March 1980
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    August 2023
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Borderland (Jan-1987)
2 - Exiles (May-1988)
3 - The Renegades (1988)

Marshal Ridge Parkman

1 - Ride to Vengeance (Mar-1980)
2 - Dewitt's Strike (Oct-1980)
3 - The Havens Raid (Aug-2014)
4 - When Legends Die (Sep-2014)

Multi-Author Series List

American Explorers

8 - Marcus Whitman: Frontier Mission (Sep-1982)
13 - John Bozeman: Mountain Journey (Jul-1983)

Book List in Order: 18 titles

  • A Ridge Parkman WesternBen Halpert was a Mississippi hill farmer before the war killed his pa and took Ben as fodder for the Confederate war machine. Tough enough to survive, Ben was smart enough to escape the profiteering Confederate commander who h...

  • A Ridge Parkman Western Ridge Parkman was in Dewitt’s Strike to do a job: get the little mining town’s gold to the railhead at Adobe City. With almost as many robbers as rocks along the trail to Adobe, he knew the job was going to be tough. But t...

  • A backwoods doctor and fearless adventurer, Marcus Whitman was respected and admired by all who traveled the Oregon Trail. By cart and wagon, on horse and on foot, the settlers came in increasing numbers…welcomed to the rich, verdant valley where W...

  • Before the Civil War divided the land, the land divided a proud family. Will Hartman's sons and daughters were a fierce and determined American family, with a legacy of honor and a bold dream to build new lives on the Missouri frontier. But long b...

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    The Borderland Trilogy (Book 3)No end to the hatred, no stopping the bloodshed . . . Will Hartman''s bold clan had come west to build new lives, but they had quickly divided. When the strong and spirited family members stake their claims in the untam...

  • While Kansas and Missouri clash in fierce battle over slavery, the Hartmans learn that blood is not thicker than water, They are compelled to choose sides in a battle so overwhelming it threatens to unravel their family ties. Before the war ends, fam...

  • Archie Malcolm is a student, working for the Navy and looking for love. He's a bell-ringer at the local cathedral, wondering where his life is going, when he is given his first task: to reduce the rise of illegal substances entering the UK....

  • A Ridge Parkman WesternThey had killed one Marshal and held another captive. Now it was up to Parkman to set things right . . .Ridge Parkman didn''t have much choice about the mission Captain Lott assigned him. It meant getting arrested, breaking out...

  • A Ridge Parkman WesternRidge Parkman is after a murderer who was the sole supplier of cattle to Cornersville. And he found out the hard way that the town''s trigger-quick marshal would spill blood to protect those herds. Marshal Wyatt Bass wasn''t a ...

  • Living at a frontier crossroads can have unexpected perils, especially when war is afoot. Mel Carroll, an isolated, self-sufficient hill farmer, wants only to plow and harvest, tend to his stock, marry his sweetheart, and live a quiet life in the rug...

  • "Ridge Parkman thinks he has it all sorted out. Hang up the Colt, turn in the badge, marry the woman, and move to Missouri to breed horses. Then an assignment comes along with his name all over it. Parkman nearly dies on the western slopes of the Roc...

  • When Lloyd Ballou headed for New Orleans, there was little to leave behind from the crumbled remains of the ordinary life he used to live. First went his Kansas City police badge, then his wife and their house, and finally the well-planned future tha...

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    THE TOWN WAS RULED BY A LEGEND—A GUNSLINGER WITH A STAR ON HIS CHEST AND BLOOD ON HIS MIND.Ridge Parkman was after a murderer who was the sole supplier of cattle to Cornersville. And he found out the hard way that the town's trigger-quick mars...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Greg Hunt has published 18 books.

Greg Hunt does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Mayor of Jackson Square, was published in August 2023.

The first book by Greg Hunt, Ride to Vengeance, was published in March 1980.

Yes. Greg Hunt has 2 series.