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    ‘Be quiet and be calm, my countrymen, for what is taking place is exactly what you came to do … Brothers, we are drilling the death drill.’– Reverend Isaac Wauchope DyobhaParis, 1958. A skirmish in a world-famous restaurant leaves two men dea...

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    General Fiction


    As a teenager Fred Khumalo greeted his friends with a handshake and the words 'touch my blood'. It implied friendship and trust. The saying became his name. More than that, it became the way he viewed his world. Everything touched Fred Khumalo. Twice...

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    In this title, Seven steps to heaven, this streetwise philosopher of the shebeens and entrepreneur par excellence takes the back seat as her son Kokoroshe, street urchin turned lawyer, takes centre stage....

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    Bitches' brew, is a South African love story set in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. It focuses on the epic love affair between Bra Zakes, a former amateur musician, bootlegger, mercenary and killer of great repute and Lettie, a shebeen queen....

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